Saturday, 29 January 2011

Go for it

The academic year is almost over, so this article is a reminder to parents, schools, governments and all of us.
Many advances in various scientific fields have taken place, to mention but a few the biosensors, the freezing of embryos, Kyoto protocol, amnesia drugs, and stopping the growth of children with a sever handicap. Of course if you check these and many more advancements in science and technology you will notice that almost all were created in laboratories of high standing universities in the world. Also if you check these advancements you will notice that those universities have received research grants from top government bodies and corporation who are very interested in buying these researches to progress further economically.

These discoveries and knowledge advancements could not take place if research was not the main component in most universities curricula; this is the one thing we look for when checking a university for our students. In our part of the world research does not feature at all in any course, whilst in other parts of the world children as young as 8 or 9 start to research certain subjects in libraries, internet and other sources.

I had a look a the number of high school graduates in our part of the world, very few have graduated from the science stream, and to top it up very few boys have taken science as a discipline. Who is going to be our next Einstein? It’s the responsibility of us the academics, the government, and the companies to start building on this lack of science and research soul in our education system.

True that many new initiatives had taken place in the gulf area to establish biotechnology centres and marine centres, however I can see no links between these centres and the schools in the Gulf, we do not take the students to these centres so they learn about them. Many of us now belong to the audio/visual theory of learning, thus if the students see for themselves what they will be doing later on if they enter the science stream, they may be encouraged to join a university and specialise in a scientific field. But, we take students to malls and fun cities and waste their learning time.

Also our governments should invest even more in research and encourage it, how else can we be closer than 500 light years from the first world countries. A small point to remember, the Arab world spends 0.0002% of its GDP on research. You can Google how much the western world spend, and see the difference for yourself.

Monday, 24 January 2011


What are the chances of being seated in the airplane next to some one dear to you without even knowIng that she was in the county, and then you get to talk and chat and remember things? Great, something you have to wish for. 

Anyway, that is not my subject today, I am just trying to imagine how three men who are married with children rape a four year old child in a bus and while it was being driven!! And that too in a matter of five minutes. 

Ok, The way I am imagining how it happened: the three men have been planning and thinking of a way to do this shameful act to the four year old girl, so they synchronised their actions, one rapes, then the second one, at the same the first one takes the place of the driver and driver waits for his turn to rape the poor girl. Then the three of them threaten her that they will kill her if she utters a word, obviously thinking that they had enjoyed it and they would do it again and again, to satisfy their sinful erotic appetite.   

Now this is how my thinking goes, there could be another scenario though, so think on guys.  

Anyway, my concerns are mainly with the school and how they have young children driven to their homes by men who are deprived of sex for three years or more. Why can't the school have women drivers, or women conductors, also why doesn't the school have a female teacher in the bus with the kids? 

The greed of our society had grown to a stupid level and because of greed and wanting to have "caviar and champaign in my sons wedding" I will cut costs and corners and provide only the essential elements; the school has to bear the responsibility for this child, takes her for rehabilitation and compensates the parents as the greed this school runs with, is the reason for this child's rape.

Also the Country should start thinking about the social dilemma of these young men who are sex hungry? I don't think we should import labour from abroad, but if we have to then we need to give them enough holiday time to satisfy their instincts or provide them with the forbidden red district so they can flush their emotions away without harming our sons and daughters.  

Maybe someone will say that we should not have our sons and daughters in the hands of foreigners? Well, where is the trust? The whole society is responsible for the children, but outsider do not understand this; and when 90% of the society is made up of foreigners, then we really cannot trust anyone.  

My heart is with the family of this four year old girls I would like to do anything for them, I can feel their feeling, the child is going to be tormented forever and she may never trust men again, I am sure many of you have watched a movie called nuts by Barbara Straisand, what happened to the star of that movie is the same thing that happened to this child so god be with her

I need suggestions please

Friday, 21 January 2011

I am not a forcaster, but this is worth reading

The turn of events after that person burned himself in Tunisia is not great, I am all for democracy, but when people fight and kill themselves and each other just to be able to live, then a solution must be found. Us the educators must stop doing research only, and find real workable solutions. Governemnts have to work with the people and with the eductators to make the country worth living in. Thus with the the chinese new year around the corner, read on as maybe what is happening in Tunisia and Algeria and the rest of the world may come to an end.

Please do not judge me, this is only a friday morning analysis which has nothing to do with what I believe or not believe in, the chinese new year is on the 3rd of February:

Overview Forecast of 2011 Metal Rabbit Year in General

The year of the Metal Rabbit promises to bring some much needed peace and tranquility. If you are like most people, you probably feel like you were on a roller coaster in 2010, the year of the Tiger. That will generally not be the case in 2011, as the Rabbit is everything the Tiger is not.

Let there be peace, and let it begin with me is the Rabbit motto. The Tiger makes waves, but the Rabbit mends fences. Diplomacy reigns. If you want to improve your chances of success, you most often want to negotiate and cooperate rather than try to force your ideas and methods on others. It's also a time to kiss and make up. Forgive and forget. Let's all get along. Make love not war. If last year the emphasis was on excitement, it now is on harmony.

This does not of course mean there will be heaven on earth. You can find good and bad in every year. Still, looking back at the last reign of the Metal Rabbit, it's hard to deny there were significant, Rabbit-style developments. In April 1951, for example, the Treaty of Paris was signed, establishing the European Coal and Steel Community. This was the first of several organizations that eventually became the European Union. A significant event in Asia in July was the beginning of armistice negotiations that eventually led to the end of hostilities on the Korean peninsula. And, in September, Australia, New Zealand and the United States signed a mutual defense pact (ANZUS).

This is especially true if you belong to the Rabbit's group, that is, your sign is Rabbit, Sheep or Pig. These, however, are the people most likely to have a great year. If you are one of them, make an extra effort to follow your dreams, seize opportunities, and enjoy the moment. Other signs with excellent prospects this year include the Ox, Tiger, Snake, and Dog. Those that might want to hold back a bit include the Rat, Horse, Monkey, and Rooster.

There is a common theme here. Active people who always seem to be on the go are likely to be unhappy with the Rabbit's leisurely pace. They can find themselves in trouble if they try to move faster than the prevailing one. The Tiger, being the Yang to the Rabbit's Yin, can still do well by modifying its style. This year the cautious, slow but sure approach is likely to win the day more than a charge ahead one.

The question, then, is what to do in a so-called, peaceful year? Education, for one. Leisurely travel could also provide a nice experience. That means the museum circuit as opposed to trekking the Himalayas. And, pursuing your hobbies, be they ballroom dancing, bridge or gardening is a very Rabbit thing to do and will bring you many happy moments.

The Rooster is the sign most likely to encounter difficulties this year. If this is your sign, you are probably feistier than your friends and family. Your love of debate, nitpicking attention to detail and argumentative side all run contrary to the Rabbit's fundamental, peacemaking nature. If you can't keep this tendency under control, you may feel you are frequently trying to swim upstream as you pursue your goals.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

To all the parents out there, don't be scared of sending your kids overseas on their own!

To all the mothers, and to all the fathers: The last trip of mine to New Zealand was a real eye opener, I now see my children with new light, the changes in them, the extra responsibility and the love for new knowledge is immense. I found that they learnt so much just for being out and away from us the parents.  Also parents, allow your kids to spend as they also learn from that.  For example my daughter took me to so many restaurants, and ordered meals for me that I would never have even dreamt of ordering them from their names, but because she had tried the entire menu - she made up her mind on what is nice to have and what is a must have. [And believe me all of the items consumed where really good!]

Shopping! My god, these little ones really know what to buy and from whom to buy. I on the other hand is stuck to my old school of buying from the known, tried and tested. They will buy what looks good and what will last for a long time, and what doesn't need to be ironed, also they will buy lots of each item of clothing, not because they love to have more, but because all of these items will last them for a long time, think about it, you wear one item say once a month, so why wash it?

Maybe they will pass in their studies, maybe they will not, at the end of the day, life experiences and the willingness to take care of themselves is what they will master so why prevent them from having this experience? I think we owe this to our kids, and we must do it, no matter how much we love them, it's important to make them live on their own for a while, I call it the school of life. So at the end of their four years of study, they get two certificates, rather than one only when they study close to home.

Let them spend your money, at the end of the day why are we working so hard? To be enablers for our kids to try new experiences
I hope you will all agree with me and provide me with your experiences too.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Animal and Human Cruelty or what?

I am sorry guys if this blog will shock you, it is a real thing that happens around the world, some poeple are cruel to animals, and sorry to say also to Humans. let me know what you think or send a similar thing to all, let us start a revelution against cruelty in general.

The sea is stained in red and it’s not because of the climate effects of nature.

It's because of the cruelty that the human beings (civilised human) kill hundreds of the famous and intelligent Calderon dolphins.

This happens every year in Feroe iland in Denmark . In this slaughter the main participants are young teens. WHY?
To show that they are adults and mature.... BULLLLsh

In this big celebration, nothing is missing for the fun. Everyone is participating in one way or the other, killing or looking at the cruelty “supporting like a spectator”

Is it necessary to mention that the dolphin calderon, like all the other species of dolphins, it’s near instinction and they get near men to play and interact. In a way of PURE friendship

They don’t die instantly; they are cut 1, 2 or 3 times with thick hocks. And at that time the dolphins produce a grim extremely compatible with the cry of a new born child.

But he suffers and there’s no compassion till this sweet being slowly dies in its own blood

Its enough! We will send this mail until this email arrives in any association defending the animals, we won’t only read.

Take care of the world, it is your home!
Assine contra essa crueldade:

Number 7 in Islam and Science ألرقم 7 في الاسلام والعلم

Did I mention to you before that when I read "the Secret", I thought wow, this is so cool, why dont we have anything like this in our teaching. I bought a few copies of the book, and also the DVD, I closed the office one day and asked the staff to gather around the meeting table to watch it, I summerised it and gave each one of them a copy of the summery. i also attened many seminars and lectures that talked about this "New Age" book, thinking that it is the best thing after slice bread.

Then I started to have these dreams that reminded me that our teaching is more powerful in positivity than what that book teaches us. We have miracles, and we have clauses in Quran that are used for over 1400 years in healing, happiness, wealth, health and progress. We have prayors that if we perform them a light will fall upon us that allows us to decide, we have a whole article in Quran that will wake us up from our deepest sleep even if we had slept only for an hour. We have articles in Quran that repels the evil from us and we have articles that protect us from just any thing. The only thing God asked us to do is to believe in these things, and things will happen to us.

Voila, here I am trying to find you bit by bit information that can help you and all of us to be better people in this world. lets all decide to be positive, and prove to the world that we are not the terrorists that the media portrays us to be, and we are kind and loving individuals.

let us start with number 7. Of course prior to reading this I always loved this number, and was always wondering about it, I felt its energy, and if you check my books, I had scribbled it in almost all of them. I am prety sure that if you think hard you will also find that things had happened to you on the 7th day of the month, or a multiple of this number. Just be creative, and most importantly, BE POSITIVE and read on:

Number 7 by itself has its own energy يقال أن الرقم (7) يملك طاقة في حد ذاته

The doors of Heaven and hell are 7 أبواب الناروالجنه 7

There are 7 wonders of the world عجائب الدنيا 7

We threw 7 stones during the pilgrimage عدد الجمرات 7

The king of Egypt saw 7 dreams رؤيا ملك مصر7

The child has to start praying at age 7 يؤمر الفتى بالصلاة عند سن السابعة

We roam around Kaaba 7 times الطواف حول الكعبة7

We run between the mountains of safa and marwa 7 times السعي بين الصفا والمروة 7

The first article in Quran (alfateha) has 7 clauses عدد آيات الفاتحة 7

There are 7 seas عدد البحار 7

Quran mentions 7 skies ذكر في القرآن السماوات السبع

Also it mentions 7 wheat ears السنابل السبع

7 cows البقرات السبع

Every deed is multiplied by 7 wheat ears مضاعفة الحسنة في سنابل 7

7 prayer’s prostrations مواضع السجود في القرآن سبعة

During Eid prayer’s we do 7 openings تكبيرة العيدين، سبع تكبيرات

7 people are covered with God’s shadow on judgment day:
وسبعة يظلهم الله بظله، يوم لا ظل إلا ظله:

A fair leader إمامٌ عادل

A youth who grew up as a worshiper شاب نشأ في عبادة الله

A human being whose heart is close to the masjid رجل قلبه معلق بالمساجد

Two human beings who loved each other through god, they meet with god in their mind, and they split with god in their mind
رجلان تحابا في الله... اجتمعا عليه، وافترقا عليه

A man who was invited by a woman with great beauty and wealth and he told her that

I am scared of God رجل دعته إمرأة ذات منصب وجمال، قال إني أخاف الله

A human being who donated money without telling anyone including his own hands رجل تصدق بصدقه، فأخفاها .. حتى لا تعلم يمينه ما أنفقت شماله

A human being who cries when he remembers God رجل ذكر الله خاليا، ففاضت عيناه بالدموع

Science discoveries توصل العلم إلى

7 main metals on earth المعادن الرئيسية في الأرض 7

7main types of stars العلم يتوصل إلى 7 أنواع أساسية من النجوم

7 orbital planes of the electron يتوصل أيضا الى 7 مستويات مدارية للألكترون...

7planes of the nucleus تلك الـ7 مستويات حول النواة

7 colours of visible light وتوصل العلم لـ7 ألوان للضوء المرئي

7 rays of invisible light والى 7 إشعاعات للضؤ الغير مرئي....

7 wavelengths for these rays وكذلك 7 أطوال لموجات تلك الإشعاعات

Science proved that man is made of 7 parts mainly nucleus, molecule, gene, chromosome, cell, texture, organ,
توصل العلم أيضا إلى أن الإنسان يتكون من 7 أجزاء ذرة +جُزيْئَة +جين + كروموسوم + خلية + نسيج + عضو

7 rainbow colours ألوان الطيف الرئيسية 7

7 days in the week وعدد أيام الأسبوع 7

The moon has four of 7 turns around the sun totaling 28days
ودورةالقمرحولا الأرض أربع سبعات (28يوم)

7 continents in the world
عدد قارات العالم 7

Why do we celebrate the 7th day of the birth of the child?
لماذا نحتفل باليوم السابع لمولد الطفل (الاسبوع)؟

In Christianity we find the 7 secrets
في المسيحية، نجد الأسرار السبعة

In Judaism we find the 7th level of life’s tree
في اليهودية، نجد الطبقة السابعة من شجرة الحياة

And last but not least there are 7 words in the call to prayer

لا _ إله _ إلا_ الله -- محمد _ رسول _ الله
“no god but god, Mohammed, God’s prophet”

وأخيرا، وليس آخراً فإن شهادة التوحيد ... عدد كلماتها سبع
لا _ إله _ إلا_ الله -- محمد _ رسول _ الله

سلطــة المـــال

Hello boys and girls, from today i am going to send you stuff that impressed me, rather than write about my thoughts. so i hope you will like what i chose for you today. and sorry to my friends the non arab speakers, i kept the link for you and its in English.

الكاتب: آدم خو
أصغر مليونير في سنغافورة - 36 عاما
البعض منكم قد يعرف بالفعل بأني كثير السفر في المنطقة، فأنا أزور مكاتبي في ماليزيا وأندونيسيا وتايلاند وسوتشو (الصين) بشكل دائم كما أقوم بتقديم المحاضرات والندوات في هذه البلدان.
أتواجد في المطار تقريبا كل أسبوعين وأقابل بشكل دائم كثير من الذين حضروا ندواتي أو قاموا بشراء كتبي.

قابلت مؤخرا شخصا منهم على متن طائرة الى كوالا لمبور وبدى مصدوما نوعا ما. سألني: "كيف يسافر مليونيرا مثلك على الدرجة السياحية؟"
كان ردي: "هذا هو السبب في كوني مليونيرا." لم يبدو أن كلامي أقنعه!

هذا يؤكد أكبر كذبة صيغت حول الثراء، كما وضحت في كتابي الأخير (أسرار المليونير العصامي). تم غسل أدمغة الناس ليعتقدوا أن المليونيرات يلبسون دائما ماركات معروفة مثل جوتشي وهوغو بوس وروليكس، ويسافرون جوا فقط عبر الدرجة الأولى. بينما في الواقع هذا هو السبب الرئيسي في هروب الثراء من البعض، فعندما يحصلون على المزيد من المال، يعتقدون أن من واجبهم إنفاق مبالغ من المال أكثر من المعتاد، وفي المحصلة يكونون قد عادوا لمستواهم المعيشي السابق بينما الواقع هو أن أكثر العصاميين من المليونيرات هم أشخاص مقتصدين جدا. وينفقون فقط على ماله قيمة وضرورة. لذلك هم قادرين على تجميع الأموال ومضاعفة ثرواتهم أسرع بكثير من الآخرين سأعطيكم مثالا شخصيا جدا على مدى السنوات السبع الأخيرة، كنت أدخر حوالى 80% من دخلي. واليوم أدخر حوالى 60% لأني تزوجت وصار لزاما علي الإنفاق على زوجتي ووالدتها وطفلين وخادمتين بالإضافة إلى نفسي. ومع ذلك فنسبة ادخاري أكبر من نسبة أكثر الناس الذين لا يدخرون أكثر من 10% من دخلهم في أحسن الأحوال.

أرفض أن أشتري تذاكر للسفر على الدرجة الأولى وأرفض أن أشتري قميصا سعره 300 دولار لأني أؤمن بأن ذلك مضيعة للمال. لكني أدفع 1300 دولار فورا ودون التفكير مرتين لإرسال ابنتي، التي تبلغ من العمر سنتين، لحضور حصة في معهد جوليا جابرييل لتطوير مهارات الأطفال

عندما انضممت قبل بضع سنوات إلى منظمة المبادرين الشباب ، كان النادي محصورا على الشباب ممن هم دون الأربعين سنة، ويجنون سنويا أكثر من مليون دولار من مشاريعهم الخاصة. كان الكثير من الأعضاء الشباب يملكون شركات تزيد قيمتها على 5 ملايين لاحظت بأن العصاميين منهم كانوا جميعا مثلي، يسافرون على الدرجة السياحية ويقودون سيارات تويوتا ونيسان، وليس أودي ومرسيدس وبي ام دبليو.

لكن الأمر كان مختلفا بالنسبة لغير العصاميين فقد كانت المنظمة تضم أيضا أبناء وزراء وأبناء أثرياء. وهؤلاء لم يشقوا في جمع ثرواتهم بل حصلوا عليها دون عناء. هؤلاء كانوا ينفقون الأموال وكأن الغد لن يأتي. اكتشفت أن الشخص الذي لا يبني نفسه من الصفر، لا يعرف قيمة المال. هذا هو السبب الرئيسي في أن الثروات العائلية لا تستمر في المعتاد لأكثر من ثلاثة أجيال.

أحمد الله على أن والدي الثري انتبه لهذه النقطة. ورفض أن يعطيني سنتا واحدا أبدأ به مشاريعي البعض يتساءل هنا: "ماهي قيمة الأموال إن لم يستمتع بها صاحبها؟"

الإجابة بسيطة وهي أني لا أجد السعادة أبدا في شراء ماركات الملابس والمجوهرات أو السفر في الدرجة الأولى. حتى لو كان شراء شئ معين يشعرني بالسعادة فهذه السعادة مؤقتة ولا تدوم السعادة المادية
لا تدوم أبدا. بالعكس هي كالمخدر المؤقت أو الحل السريع. بعد حين تشعر بأنك تعيس مرة أخرى وفي حاجة إلى مخدر آخر، فتسعى لشراء السلعة التالية التي تعتقد بأنها ستجعلك سعيدا.

أنا أؤمن بأن الشخص الذي يعتقد بأن شراء الماديات سيجعله سعيدا، هو شخص تعيس ويعيش حياة حزينة وناقصة

ما يجعلني سعيدا حقا هو رؤية أبنائي يضحكون ويلعبون ويتعلمون بسرعة. ما يجعلني سعيدا هو مشاهدة شركاتي وهي تنمو، ومشاهدة موظفيني وهم يصلون لعملاء أكثر وأكثر كل سنة وفي بلدان كثيرة ما يجعلني سعيدا حقا هو قراءة رسائل البريد الإلكتروني التي تتحدث عن التأثير الذي كان لكتبي ومحاضراتي في لمس حياة شخص وإلهامه هذه السعادة تشعرني
بالرضى ولفترة طويلة جدا أطول بكثير من السعادة التي سيجلبها لي شراء ساعة رولكس!

النقطة التي أحاول الوصول لها هي أن السعادة يجب أن تأتي من قيامك بواجبك في الحياة (سواء كان ذلك التدريس أو بناءالمساكن أو التصميم أو التجارة أو الفوز بالمسابقات، الخ). أما المال فهو أمر ثانوي سيأتي كنتيجة طبيعية لقيامك بواجبك بشكل مميز

إذا كنت تكره ما تقوم به، أعتقد بأنك تعيش حياة بلا معنى وتعتمد على المال الذي تجنيه من هذا الأمر الذي تكرهه لكي تصبح سعيدا عن طريق شراء الأشياء

الليمون ...شراب حامض الطعم ولكن بقليل من حبات السكر يتحول لشراب حلو
والأذكياء العقلاء أصحاب الألباب هم الذين يحولون الخسائر .المصائب..النوازل..الأمراض الى أرباح...

والجاهل .. هو من يضاعف المصيبه ويزيد حجم الخسائر

رمي السرخسي في قعر بئر معطله فأخرج عشرين مجلدا في الفقه..
وأقعد ابن الأثير فصنف جامع الأصول...
ونفي ابن الجوزي من بغداد فجود القراءت السبع..
وأصابت حمى الموت مالك بن الريب فقال قصيدته الرائعه التي تعدل دواوين من الشعر في الدوله العباسيه..
ومات لأبي ذؤيب الهذلي أبناؤه فرثاهم بإلياذة أنصت لها الدهر..
وسجن سيد قطب فأخرج لنا في ظلال القرآن..
وكتب ابن القيم زاد المعاد وهو مسافر ..

أختي ............أخي .....إذا داهمتك مصيبه فانظر للجانب المضيء و المشرق منها سوف تجده, وحاول تنيمته ودع الجانب المظلم منها.
إذا أهداك أحدهم ثعباناً ...فخذ جلده واصنع منه حذاء وتخلص من الباقي...
إذا مرضت فقل هذه فرصة للخلوة بالله عز وجل وزيادة الدعاء والتضرع لله...
إذا افتقرت ..فقل حتى نعلم حال الفقراء وارفع يديك لعالم كل شيء ..فالدنيا ليس فيها شر خالص ولا خير خالص (وعسى أن تكرهوا شيئاً وهو خير لكم)

فقل أنت: يإلهي كلما أنعمت علي بنعمة قل عندها شكري وكلما ابتليتني ببلية قل عندها صبري ,يامن قل شكري عند نعمه فلم يخذلني ويامن قل صبري عند بلائه فلم يعاقبني ..يامن رآني على المعاصي فلم يفضحني ..يا من كشف عني ضري....لك الحمد ...وأنت المنعم المتفضل.

يقول:"دايل كارنجي" مؤلف كتاب دع ألقلق ,,أن أحد الأشخاص في مدينة بروكين بالولايات المتحده الأمريكيه قد أصيب بقرحة شديده في الأثنى عشر وقد تورمت واشتدت إلى درجة أن ثلاثة من أطباء أشاروا عليه بكتابة وصيته وقالوا لا تنزعج , ومن جراء ذلك قرر ذلك المريض ترك وظيفته الكبيره التي كان يشغلها وقبع في بيته ينتظر الموت ساعة بعد ساعة ,
وفجأة قرر قراراً خطيرا دهش من حوله ..
لقد قرر أن يحقق ماكان يتمناه طول حياته وهو أن يطوف العالم ,,,وقال :مادمت سأعيش أشهر معدوده كما قال الأطباء
فلماذا لا أحقق ما أتمناه وقام فعلا بالحجز على أول رحلة بحريه حول العالم بعد أن اصطحب معه الوصية والتابوت ..كما قرر أن يأكل ويشرب كل ما يحبه طول عمره وكان محروما منه بسبب الأطباء... تمتع في رحلته وأخيراً عاد بعد شهرين وهو معافىً صحيح وقد استعاد وظيفته وعاش حقبة من الزمن

لماذا تحزن
لماذا تحزن ..اطرد الحزن واصنع من الليمون شرابا حلوا وتعلم فنون تحويل الشقاء الى سعادة والخسائر الى ارباح تمتع بما عندك ولو كان قليلا..
يقول عالم النفس "ألفريد أدلر" وقد قضى معظم حياته في دراسة طبائع البشر وخصائصها:
(إن من أسمى خصائص الأنسان قدرته على تحويل القوى السلبيه إلى إيجابيه)..
من كتاب "دع الحزن.. وابدأالحياة" للمؤلف عبدالله بن سعيد الزهراني

Sunday, 2 January 2011

How do we find out if a loved one is not feeling too well?

I personally do not believe in doctors, dentists, and the many arrays of health practitioners these days as most of them are money hungry and want the patient to spend as much money as possible so they can earn more.  Also the allied practitioners like pharmacists, lab technicians and the likes have stimulated a link with the doctors so if the latter sends them a patient then the doctor will receive part of the proceeds too, i.e. if the patient pays a 100 dirhams, the doctor will receive say 50 dirhams!

Think of the implications of this practice! It's not only unethical, it also impacts on life as a whole. Economically the price of medicines would double, and the patients are the ones that have to bear two things, firstly their disease and secondly their being out of pocket.  Imagine if this practice would carry on in every country, and the ramification therein, incredible isn't it? And guess what, pharmacies these days issue OTC to anyone and some of these medicines I feel should not be sold over the counter and if so not to anyone, for example my daughter and I are travelling, so she wanted to buy something which will make her sleep through the 18 hour flight, the pharmacist gave her sedatives? Would these medicines not be abused by today's youngsters. I guess so. 

Thus, off late I started to look up my symptoms on the Internet and find out how to treat whatever it is I am feeling, if I had a headache I type exactly how I feel and bingo, the medical explanation comes up on the screen, or if not, the good old home remedies suffices.  My stomach pains are always treated with Margadoosh, and my headache with Vicks, and my leg pain with honey!  If my hair falls then it's mayonnaise, and if my hand gets eczema then I would use garlic and stink the whole day of course. My blood pressure is checked by myself on our blood pressure gadget. Of course if it's high then I drink lemon and honey, or just go to sleep:)

Anyway, to make a short story long?? Or should this be the other way? I think that my thoughts are mixed up, as I am thinking how on earth can we treat diseases that are not so straight forward.  For example hormone imbalance? Or cancer? Or heart palpitation etc. Here is where I get stuck, I am not a doctor, nor can I cure people or myself, and despite my distrust to this health nation, I will have to go to them. However that is me, what about people who are in denial and would refuse to listen that they may have a problem and that they need to see a practitioner? And if their symptoms persevere then can I drag them to a hospital? Or just ignore the problem hoping that it would just disappear?

Ok, let's cut the chase, my husband had dislocated his shoulder,he is in so much pain that he cannot left anything and do any drastic movement.  One of my students is a physiotherapist, he provided him with a session but it didn't help. Please give me an advice, or direct me to an ethical doctor.