Wednesday 13 February 2013

Men and their hysterical moods

Many people talk about how women are not understood and how they have varying moods especially when it's closer to the monthly hormonal changes or closer to being menopausal etcetera etcetera as the King used to say in The king and I movie (a classic that I can watch Yul Brynner go on and on with no boredom at all); however if you think about it men also have their moods. No one want to say this as all of us are scared from them, being stronger and all, but if one watches men closely one would notice their hormonal changes too. For example take my husband, he went to sleep last night with a big smile on his face soon after his friends left when they concluded their 6 hours Domino game!! Yes 6 hours of table bashing, voice raising, jokes cracking, nuts munching, smoked fish digging, and lots and lots of cigarette smoking. But when he woke up this morning, his mood was suddenly low. When I reached the office he was chattering away with his two business associates, I asked something and he flared up! What the hell! What was that for I thought? 

Difficult to explain really, don't even go there as there could be a hundred and one reason of why a person screams! It could be because an insect had bitten him, a snake went under the table and bit his legs, or just to exercise the throat muscles. My advise is to run in the other direction and fight for your life, when a man screams anything can happen! Also don't even go there...

Jokes apart, we need to have a solution for the ups and downs of moods that seem to be infectious in men these days.  One of my friend found out that her husband is married with two children, another one found out that her husband is a pimp, a third one found out that he takes drugs and had used all her money on drug purchases, a fourth one found him with his secretary, shall I go on? Of course if you think about it one can only imagine women doing stuff like this? I don't think so! But, we are the ones that are branded of being moody and having bad hair days, to the extent that our hair had fallen and if you take a picture from the top to our heads no one would think that its the head of a woman, total boldness in the centre just like bold men's heads. 

I am not going to narrate here what men do to annoy women, nor will I continue to make funny remarks about these mirages of men, because I know that there are few good men in this world and one cannot generalize I bet you though that those few good men are married to women from hell.

Peace be upon you!


  1. Yes, without a doubt men have their moods as well.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hello Velva, how is your blog doing? still cooking?

  3. Hi Suad I really enjoyed your article about men , I kept on reading it so quickly hoping for a miracle at the end ! Bass I guess miracles don't happen anymore at our era! Keep writing ...

  4. I guess miracles do not happen now, but think about it! we are already miracles.