Friday 8 February 2013

1 2 3 4 Dubai Cares ho ho ho

I am sure by now you have pictured my personality, lazy, cafe goer, discussion lover, dialogue listener, but never never a strict on exercise or sports in general person.  I walk for a while then stop, go the gym then stop, go swimming then stop, shop for gym equipment and bring them home, and after 4 or 5 uses they become a classic cloths hanger! The only sort of exercise that I really enjoyed is Yoga, but that is not exercise, its only a form of thinking about exercise.  Once I attended a lecture and the speaker was saying that the least we could do is visualize ourselves doing exercise and that is aerobic by itself, I didn't try it as its hard for me to visualize myself doing anything but talk.

However I always take any opportunity for doing some exercise and hope for the best, so when my sister told me about the posters that she saw on Jumeirah Road and that I have to join the walk for Education, I tried not to hear her, but the information didn't escape my son's sharp eyes, so he pestered me to go and take everyone in the office as well as the father.  Of course he accepted the fact that the walk is on Friday and not everyone can be an early riser.

I am really glad that I went, you can feel the energy flowing from everywhere; I think half of Dubai had participated in the walk as well as food and drink from many companies.  I loved my yellow teeshirt,  my stickers, and of course the chocolate bar that I munched very quickly before someone sees me and reports me to the kids!!! then I met this woman who was standing at the door waiting for the line to form so we start the walk, she introduced herself and held my arm and we walked non stop behind the Dubai Cares sign held by volunteers, kids and us two.  Of course we both were persistent and this woman was a real leader, shouting at anyone and everyone who walks outside the sign, and kept the whole team intact. Also many kids were chanting slogans (go east, go west, Dubai Cares is the best), or (a walk a walk for education) or (Dubai Cares is everywhere) and so on.  By the time we reached the finish line I was ready to faint, lucky that water was being distributed, a whole bottle went inside my stomach.

I was surprised about the level of organisation and the speed of registration, I think another night event should be held for the other half of Dubai who do not like to wake up in the morning.

Thanks Dubai Cares for making me a wakeup early, and walk!!

p.s. for more info about the walk for education check this link (  

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