Tuesday 20 December 2011


Well, if you are a movie goer you will recognise the name for sure,  and if you see it in MOE then you will see a coke zero monument that has the two alphabets in it.  The hype was high especially as I had never seen the inside of Burj Khalifa yet,  and thought that the scenery would be fantastic especially that Tom will be Cruising on the walls of the Burj, but hah? Was there a view? Noo and the only thing you can see is a photographic picture of some of Dubai high rises,  camels, sand dunes and the Sahara sand storm??? We never had a similar sand storm, and that shot was Borrowed from The Mummy, I wish Brendan Fraser was also there, I miss him as he didn't act for such a long time. Digressing again.

Now, of course the movie is fantastic, don't take me wrong, full of the usual surprises and the cute face of Tom (I admire him since Rain Man, Jerry Maguire and the other MIs).  The only thing that got me is that after paying that hefty sum of money to have the Burj in the movie, and thinking that it would bring some publicity to Dubai so we get rid of this looming financial crisis, to my simple mind, it didn't bring any publicity.  Why? Ok listen up.

1. They used an Indian actor, but we didn't see an Emirati actor, we do have cute faces too, so where is Maryam Alserkal and Nayla Alkhajah from all of this? Where are the group of amateur actors that you two girls have got in store? Or are we only labeled as terrorists-good-for-nothing-loaded-with-money people?

2. From all the lovely bridges of Dubai, and the lovely houses and buildings they show a Morrocan village??? Are they repeating the flop of a movie of SJP the one called SITC2??? And they show a tatty bridge that doesn't even resemble the ugliest bridge in this lovely place? You will have to guess which one, I am not saying. 

3. When they showed Deira creekside, they made us hear some Egyption words??? Are we Egyptians in Dubai? Well they could have at least made us be at home and let us hear some Urdu, Hindi or mallianim words. 

4. When the cars were bashing each other and hitting passing cars and taxis, the number plates were not even Dubai number plates, nor Dubai Taxis, as we only have the bright yellow taxis; now, I wonder where that shot was taken. And I wonder if RTA missed another chance of being publicised as usual! Why wasn't there a shot in the Metro? Did any one notice that the rails of the metro were not even there?

I think the producer was in a hurry, as he or she must have wanted to quickly earn more money by hitting the box offices sooner; not sure if you had noticed but when Tom was coming down the ladder of that lavish jet, and the car of his partners arrived they again showed him coming down the same steps.  It was a subtle mistake as my kids didn't notice it, I told them to rewind the scene in their brain and they confirmed it.  Well, poor Tom, I think his Scientology must have damaged his acting sense! he must have not checked the Movie prior to the premier.  

We always prefer the west to the east, and that is because we are programmed to believe that we build the highest building in the world but have a desert with camels and goat-men living inside these high tech buildings.  

It is high time that we put our foot down and tell these silly producers off.  I think it's high time that our fantastically naive government give me the job of selling our sites to Producers of famous movies. 


  1. I agree with you Suad, they should hire you to promote the country. I haven't seen the movie yet, and I don't think I will anymore.

  2. Thanks QT, I think if we all value our country these foreigners will value us, as we will emit that love and confidence, unfortunately the idiots that work for the goverment are not locals hence we are portrayed as locals with camels and lots of money who hire foreigners to represent them.

  3. I saw Maryam Alserkal's movie, 'London in a headscarf', at the DIFilm Fest. Congrats Maryam on a thoughtful and reverse consideration of culture. She interviews her own family and friends about her studying in London and reflects. I have recommended her work to many and do so to blog readers here.
    Now to find out more about Nayla Alkhajah!

  4. The best part of the movie was that you were the narrator, mum ;).

  5. thanks Linzi,
    hi Jihad, was I the narrator??? who said that my name is Morgan Freeman???