Saturday 26 May 2012

Gathering with the sisters

This is maybe the first time that the sisters and I gather in one place away from our homes. It sounds like fun? Yes it was lots of fun actually.

When we are in our homes we are busy running our errands, looking after our houses, kids, work, and our bunch of friends; however when we are away, we don't have those responsibilities, or we may forget about them, so there could be some dialogue that we will all exchange without having our personal stuff come in between us, it's like a return to our time when we lived at parents houses with a difference, all of us have wrinkles on the face that we try to hide one way or the other.  So last night was a night to remember.

First we all went out for dinner with our future son in law, he is son in law to all the sisters, as Maryam is considered their daughter too, she has many mums this girl, how lucky is that. I think on her wedding night all of us will be crying, not only me. I hope that cry will be a soft sob, as otherwise it's going to be quite loud!! Funny.

It was a great Iranian dinner, with Iranian music, and the night was right too, not too hot. Choosing the restaurant took forever as all of us are smokers, so the fiancé eventually found a place that has a smoking area near the swimming pool, that was that. Then each one went her own way, I came home, one went to an outing with the cousins, few went to a cafe to watch some demonstration that was happening on the roads surrounding the cafe, took a funny video of the tyres burning ceremony, which I cannot show you as they had music running in the car which made look like a desert trip, with bonfire.

Then when they all gathered, it was almost 12 am, so the facials and the masks sessions started, and while doing that, I was watching Glee on my laptop, Mum was watching some random guy giving a lecture on how to be a better person in life,  all the others were sending BB broadcast or whatsapp messages, and talking about those messages at the same time, also telling their life stories. One said that she is divorced from her husband in Bahrain but if she goes to Iran she is not divorced? So the legal side of my daughter jumped out saying that cannot happen?? And then my other sister was saying that her mask material is getting over so she will only put masks and do facial on two faces, the third one was looking for her IPhone charger and saying that if she doesn't charge it her husband will be upset as he may call her when he has a fight with their son, and the fourth one is calling her son and telling him that due to the trouble on the road she will sleep in Mum's place (I think she secretly wants to sleep in the same place with us so they chatter the whole night), and the fifth one is having her face cleaned by the sister in law who is doing it so thoroughly so she doesn't miss a spot of foundation,  by that time mum went to sleep in her room, and half an hour of hearing all of this I decided to follow suit, and since Mum's room was so cold, I went to the other room and tried to go to sleep.

I think it was few minutes later that I could hear all of them coming to the room and all chatting at the same time and answering each other precisely, also worried that I may wake up! I can hear all of them giving marital advice to my daughter, funny advices though, and all of them giggle at the same time. The room was hot when I woke up in the morning on the sounds of my sister's sleep talk, I eased my way out of the room so I don't wake them up.

I will do this again, as my dreams last night were nice. Okay girls prepare yourself, we are traveling again soon.


  1. Good one , though i will only add "Smoking Kills " , and of course we like to read more of your articles. cheers