Friday 11 May 2012

Rape, murder and everything in between

Ok, I know, these things happen in movies (the girl with the dragon tattoo is still vividly described in my mind, and Fatema the Turkish girl  also beams at me every night when my daughter watches that soup opera) but to hear about these things in real life is not something that we want to know about, or even be close to the area that it happened in.

Well let me start from the beginning. One of our students wanted to move from her current university to another university. We didn't question the move; so we sent her application to another university who asked for a release letter from the current university. Well that is how a can of worms was opened. The university refused to provide the letter, and said that the girl is dismissed as she had four warning letters. Then we probed more and found out that the girl had actually provided letters from the doctor to show why she didn't get good grades. So when we asked for those letters the university said that they Had lost them! Okay! Of course during the course of discussion it transpired that the girl along with other girls were asked to go to the dean's office, who asked them all at once how their grades were changed? All the students were surprised and said how can we change our grades? It's a system that cannot be tampered with ( they said), then the dean told them that he will dismiss them all. Also the same dean had asked each girl individually to sleep with him so he can make her pass. My eyes almost popped out of course. Then the girl told us that one of the friends who got raped by the dean committed suicide. And no one questioned why? Also the same incidents started to accumulate but none of the girls could do anything about it.

I told her that she must write a letter to the ministry, I am naive that way, she said that she will be killed as the university will know that she is the one who wrote the letter. The girl who is stunning is going to have a nervous breakdown as she is so clever, and also she started to stutter, which means that she is very upset. On top of this, no university will accept her as she cannot get that release letter. Basically, he future is ruined, she might as well work as a toilette cleaner and forget about her noble proffession that is never going to happen.

Well, few things come to my mind
1- I go to the university and perform the same act as the one the girl in that movie did to her lawyer this time on the dean
2- I go to the ministry and complain, of course they will not believe me as I don't have any proof
3- try to wiggle our way to find the student an acceptance in another university without a letter
4- ignore the whole thing and do not involve myself in this mystery

Well, how can I? My job is not just to educate kids, my job is also to raise the morale and change how we think, my job is to ensure that movie scenes do not happen in our real life. What happened to this girl in stark day light is a Hollywood or a Bollywood scene, that will surely make the film as number one in box office sale? But is this what we want? A life with fear just because we have sick people living amongst us?

I am not sure what to think, but again, it's late, it's end of the week, and I am tired.
Good night every body, think with me.

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