Friday 18 May 2012

After the IPO, who is going to be richer? Facebook owners or Google?

Well, I must say when I saw the amount of money Facebook owners have I got startled, but was very happy at the same time, at last I saw Billionaires who made it in Life both being so young and also so imaginative.

We heard of people making lots and lots of money,  mostly because of luck, inheritance, corruption, being rulers of a country and of course taking most of it's GDP. So whatever Zuckerberg and his colleagues had done was well worth it for the likes of me and other people and corporations who are now using the product day and night non-stop for some people of course; it's also was well worth it for them, they are now the newly declared Billionaires of this world, and some of them own the total budget of a country, not a small one too.

Let's think about it. I had paid about a 1000 dirhams to Facebook advertising since I started using it back in 2008, and now I have our consultancy on it as well, all my team have pages on it, and we load all our activities and pictures on it, we have between us over 5000 friends (between real friends, clients, schools and companies), how does Facebook get its money?

Ok, many more people and companies would have paid 1000 dirhams too, and many have continuously advertised on it, and I must say that it's the cheapest form of advertising, as you can have your advert for a month, and also it will depend on the number of "likes" that you want! So how do they make their money?

Do they put those adverts on pages that are used extensively? (some of my groups seem to be going on 24 hours of the day) or do they just haphazardly past them on both sides of the page for anyone and everyone to see them and click on them?

For example, one of the schools that we deal with is always advertising on Facebook, if a child (who had to lie about his or her age to have a page) clicks on that advert, then a cent is used, and if an old man clicks on it, another cent is used?

So are they imaginatively and intelligently placing their adverts or is it just waiting for a mouse to click on the ad? That cannot be good, and is a bad way of using someone's money?

Anyway, whatever Facebook is doing must be great, as their shares now are worth 38 dollars, I wish I have some money to be some of them.

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