Sunday, 16 May 2010

Is it a women issue? Or the whole world had gone mad?

My weekend was full of people, I loved it, its the first weekend in such a long time that I really sat and talked and had a good and relaxed dialogue with friends and acquaintences. Discussions on jobs, life, politics, Thailand, the volcanic ashes, poverty, education ( my favourite) and many more things. However one things struck me as being odd. All the women ( I must say all of us!) have one thing in common, husbands are bad. I dont want to talk about what happens inside homes, and I dont want to mention names and nationalities, but I just want to say that it seems that no one is happy as the husbands are in one way or the other are not loving or having mercy on us the women. One person takes beatings from her husband, and when she had enough she went to the police who called him in, he said that he did beat her, and he is beating her and he will continue to beat her, and lets see who is going to stop me? arrogance? no, its confidence that the system is not strong enough to protect the soft glass ( as god call us). So what should we do? I for one will not want my girls to get married unless I subject the husbands-to-be in to a pschometric test that can expose the weaknesses and the hidden complexes. I do not want my great girls, the ones I spent time, effort, money and love on to be like that woman?

Where is the humanity? and why do we go on talking about things that does not relate to our well being. If our mental health is not in perfect conditions then we cannot help any one in this world. We have to think of what is the best way to acheive this mental health and then be able to help the world be a better place to live.


  1. Oh Suad what a subject to open that no matter what you say it will be bias to one side or the other, you cant satisfy all side so I choose the human kind side no matter what

    The men could say she deserve it because she talks too much or because of this or that
    The women in most cases say he is not kind and have no mercy with us because no matter what the man in most times are built stronger than women especially when they get angry
    I watched Naomi Camble interview on Oprah just now and she was talking about her not being able to control her anger when she gets ticked off for any reason inside and then the truth came out,,,, it is an inside big fear of loosing control that is so deep that makes the person take an un human reaction to an action. It is a weakness not strength in reality. The man in general fears the strong self confidence woman so he tries silly ways using fear and beating to keep telling themselves they are still, I ask everyone to see most likely you will find this kind of abuse from the man when the marry a confidence strong woman

    So even some women and mostly men have that problem, but men have on top of that the little patience to stop and think,,, we mostly as women have the genes care and softness and merci we have built this way in general to be able to be nurturing to raise our small children that cant take that kind of abuse that comes out of men. Maybe maturity is the key here

    I say why you I mean men in general say they love us women because of our softness and delegate nature when they abuse especially physical those women they will eventually turn that soft woman into a monster ruff woman because she learns by time this is the way in order to avoid and protect feeling the continuous hits by hand or words weather physical or mental abuse. Mostly words kill more than a sword as the saying says

    In the end if anyone in the world men or women want to be kind and or remembered good by others weather wife that bared their children and had a life with them or their kids. They can easily bring out that good side out and suppress the bad side in and try by age and maturity to handle their anger management.

    Another view is which is simpler than the above thought would be just say “No” to yourself and want to treat others just like you want others to treat you by imagining what would be your feeling and life like if God made us women the stronger and the man of the house and men were the weaker physically and got abused by women what would then happen, think all about that,,,, Not a nice picture for the man then right, No one wants to be in that shoes isn’t it,,,

  2. Shosho, i agree with you completely, but we cannot just keep quite, even my doctor is no saved from this, so no matter what women do they alway face difficulties. i do not believe in sacrifices, i believe in everybody giving to the betterment of this world. so if a guy ask us in direct ways or indirectly to make sacrifices, we should say no. i am all for companionship, but this should not come at a price of losing our brain.

  3. Suaad of all people you know me better, who said you have to sacrifice your life to keep the man happy,,,if he is not satisfied with what is given then he should put himself in the shoes if the woman asks the man to sacrifice his life to the point to insanity to make her happy, how he would be thinking then,,,
    Love you and love every woman that is trying her best to make the right thing out there,,,
    I have so much respect to all strong women in this world