Friday 25 May 2012


Okay, I know, all of you are going to say waw, a son and a daughter getting married in the same year? Well, that was the plan from the beginning when I decided to have my kids 4 years apart, daa! 

So yes my daughter is getting engaged soon. Am I happy, yes, but I am getting this mixed feelings, as she was at school, then she went to university, I only really enjoyed her company when she completed her masters two years ago. Now that she will be going to Bahrain to settle there with her future husband, this takes me to my time 32 years ago when I left Bahrain to settle in Dubai with my husband, I missed my country, and still miss it, but learnt that for ones well being one can live anywhere in the world. I did only that, I have lived in so many places in these 32 years, and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Seen many people that I would have never seen or talked to if I had stayed put, learnt many things that I would never had learnt if I had settled in my own country. My life was and still is rich in the real meaning of the word, every conference I go to, I meet and make new friends, every course I attend I learn new things, every bookshop I visit I read new about new things, every gallery I visit I explore the minds of artists who display their artwork in it, and this is what I want my kids to have, a kaleidoscope of life. I am sure that they have a different vision to how they want their lives to be, and they do not want me to interfere in it, so I am not going to tell them this, I will let them use their own mind to explore their own possibilities.

Well, let's go back to the engagement, I made so many lists, and my daughter made her own list, and we tried to choose the invitees on a scale of who is the closest and who she had met and liked from my friends, and her fiancé did the same! In our time our parents invited people, and we had no say in the matter, nowadays it doesn't work that way any more. So if any of my friends got upset for not being amongst those invited, I will have to say, sorry, but you should have made the effort of meeting my daughter and knowing what she likes or doesn't like, and she should have exchanged thoughts with you first.

I know what she means, she doesn't want people attending her engagement party and say hi to her and kiss her on the cheeks and I have to whisper in her ears who these people are, she wants to give her smile when she walks in the room to everyone there as she knows everyone there. She doesn't want to look at a face and wastes a second thinking who the hell is that? As the thought that goes in your head at a moment of happiness may take away the smile, or makes it fake.

I can see my poor daughter in law's face now, when she entered the wedding hall and saw those people that her mother and I had invited, she didn't look at anyone, as she didn't want to have a muscle in her face change due to her thought "who was that?" sorry Zainab, next time I will only call people that you know.  Or should I do another reception for you and invite only those that you know?

Back to my daughter, I laughed once when she was in the process of knowing her fiance (it was an introduction engagement) her dad and I asked her what she thinks of him (his name is Ahmed and her name is Maryam, the names rhyme by the way) she said he has a hammer?!! After few minutes both my husband and I laughed so much as we realized that yes he does, he is a judge isn't he? Hahaha very funny

We are in Bahrain now, having some chores to do, and tonight we are going for dinner with the fiance, may tell you all about it later.

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