Sunday 9 December 2012

Waking up at the first crack of dawn

When I say that I am not a morning person I will be lying, because in my 56 years of age I was out and about every day studying, working, travelling or having breakfasts with friends who are studying, working or travelling. So if its a weekend and I don't have any plans of outings or meeting any body (I always give meeting times and mix them up with other meeting times, which compels me to clear the mess by suggesting an earlier time which happens to be in the morning), I tend to stay in bed and sleep till like 12 pm. Now, whenever I do this and it's rare, I mess up my whole schedule, as I will end up sleeping late that day, and of course will not wake up on time and so on and so forth. 

My husband on the other hand is very predictable and his habits can be used to set the time!  he sleeps early (unless its a football match night or a domino night) and will always wake up very early. But he has to have an afternoon power nap!! He calls it that, to me I call it the not sleeping enough at night nap!!

What do I do in the mornings? Well, earlier in my life I will be out of bed, in the shower, wake the kids, change, they change, make sure their lunch boxes are filled, books in bags, they are ready to go to school and I am ready to hit the 45 kilometre drive in half an hour.  Some times I used to wonder why on earth don't I wake up earlier and give myself enough time to at least have a civilised breakfast? My breakfast, ladies and gentlemen is eaten while I drive, and I sip my cup of coffee and listen to the news on the radio at the same time, then I try to find a channel that will air Fairuz songs!! It's a must to hear Fairuz in the morning!  my dad did that, and I guess my kids will never do that, it's 50 cents or another one of those rap or blues singers.   

However, these days, it's a very lazy way of life, or I must rephrase that, it's a very relaxed way of life. I wake up and indulge in my shower, then I go down for breakfast with my two phones and IPad, check the messages on the phone and the emails, then open my IPad, check twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and facebook. Try to take a creative picture a day with my Ipad's stupid low res camera? Instagram it and see what others Instagramers are doing by looking at their photos.  Then if I have some time I will write something and hit the road.  I don't drive fast anymore as I am only going to my office, nobody is clocking my time. When I reach the office, I have to clean my desk, and then look around me, check the plants.  Don't have a "to do list", as to me they don't work! As soon as the regular working time starts, it's this person asks for an opinion about a student's file, and that person calling me to answer a phone call.  Then I look at my emails, and try to answer them systematically, some times starts from the oldest, and sometimes arrange by who it is from, and sometimes from what I just received and work my way downward? 

I hate routines, and I don't like to have an agenda! I never print my to do for the day list and I try to remember everything.  I know, you are going to tell me that it's dangerous and that I must maintain some order in my life, and make sure that every I is dotted and every T is crossed! That life is short, and if I die tomorrow people will not know what I have pending? Well, if I die tomorrow, who cares what I have pending? Life will go on, and everybody will be waking up either late or at the crack of dawn, and will carry on doing what they always did.  But I want to leave one thing, or one inheritance, do what you like to do, so you will do it well! And don't have a routine that is happening day in day out, it will be a very boring life, and you would want to change it or you would want to kill yourself.  Look forward and anticipate! life with no routine is full of great surprises.


  1. thank you Suad for these inspriring comments. I totally agree with you. I feel the routine in my life right now and I am making a plan to walk away from it ... it will take me time ... bit i do realize and acknowledge and add that no routine, does not mean no organization!!! For me even to walk away from routine, I am puttung together a plan with timelines to see how I am going to accompolish a no routine life!! it is not easy. Any advice you have is truly appreciated. Nevine (

  2. I smiled reading your post. Like you, I wake-up go through my IPad, email, etc. I drive to work each morning with toast and cheese in my hand ( I have crumbs through out my car) and a cup of coffee. I listen to the news or 70's music.

    With my youngest child still in high school, and all the activities, including my work life. My life is full of routines. I am hoping that in a few years, I can be more leisurely with my time.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family.


  3. Happy Holiday Nevine and Velva, thanks a lot for reading my blog. and sorry if i made you feel that a routine is not necessary. to me its not necessary, as I don't see the point. by the way, i have crumbs through out my car, sometimes i still have my breakfast in my car too. I guess one can only have a life with no routine when one owns his/her own business that is built around unknown happenings. you can be consultants, or advisers, that way your daily lives will not be boring. there isn't an advise that is similar to the other, as people are different, their inquiry will be different too. routines are our own creations.
    enjoy your break, and we can talk more if you like