Saturday 22 December 2012

End of the world as we know it

You know what really puts me off? its the stuff people read and believe when there are millions of other stuff that people must read and must believe but they don't.  So what is it that people like to read? is it thrilling information, horror acts, vampire stuff, new age theories, The Secret, or end of the world theories.

Last year the world was supposed to end in disasters! a video was released and was watched by millions of people around the world, it scared the hell out of everybody including my family.  The originator of the idea said that New Zealand and many parts of the southern hemisphere are going to disappear.  My daughter and my niece study in New Zealand, so everyone was telling us to bring them back as its dangerous to stay there.  My husband (and that is a first, because he too believes in these things sometimes) said that millions of people are going to die, and you are asking us to bring our daughters back? the rest is of course is history, as the southern hemisphere is intact, and no one was hurt.

The first time I heard about the 21st of December is last week,apparently it is the last day of our world?  I checked this theory, and what transpired is amazing.  Of course I was more amazed of how much was written about it on twitter, facebook and the rest of the social media.  Some where very cynical,  some where dreading it and some who were indifferent.  I on the other hand just believed that it would be the end of the world as we know it.  Why? because anything that is going to happen tomorrow is unknown to us, no psychic can tell me if I will be alive, dead, rich, poor, healthy or sick tomorrow. If we are alive tomorrow, then tomorrow is when we will know what is going to happen to us, and not today.  No matter what all the theories say, the knowledge about our mortality or otherwise cannot be predicted with 100% certainty; we can plan our lives, but weather our plans materializes or not, its not something that we can bank on.

Last night before I went into my deep sleep I was thinking about this theory and others like it, of course you all know by now that I am a conspiracy theorist, so I have to make up reasons on why things like this are spreading like fire in a forest. I thought that when I wake up tomorrow I will search the net to see what was going on in the world, what was the CIA upto, what were the powers of the world doing when everybody was oblivious and busy thinking about their certain death on the 21st of December? of course I couldn't find anything of importance.  Also I had an idea!! we will chose a date in 2013, and we will spread it like fire in forests, that if men do not sleep with their wives, then they will wake up the next day without their equipment!

You must be wondering why did I think of this idea? well, I was watching a new movie last night about this older couple whose lives together became static, and the woman wanted to change it, so she booked a course with a marriage specialist.  The movie was amazing, I think every older couple should watch it, as it goes into the inner thoughts of each person and make them realize why don't they do what they were supposed to do, and why did they forget about their marital duties. The movie is a way to save marriages and reduce the number of divorces that are happening these days.

Maybe that is why the end of the world on 21st December didn't happen, because I had to watch that movie.

Anyway, below are some information about 21st of December theories just in case you were like me and didn't hear about it:

You can search the net if you want to know more, but if you agree with me,, just ignore it and read the good things in lives, talk to your children, have fun with your neighbors, travel and see the world's wonders.


  1. When people make such predictions, it is too simple. The World cannot end on a specific date/time, and with the reason known. In reality, it will most likely be a slow gradual process.

    I know the movie you speak of, cannot remember the name, but have heard it is very good.


  2. yes the movie is great, Merrill Streep is a fantastic actress, you must watch it. I think most people are gullible , otherwise why the big hoha about 21dec?