Saturday 19 June 2010


Its Friday, I call it my newspaper day. Often I keep the articles and the various bits and pieces that I want to have a thorough read through for Friday. One of the articles was amazing, it wasn’t obvious to me whether the writer had a hidden agenda or not, however I felt that he or she does. A list of my favourite actresses, Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, etc were all listed as single, successful and active. And if you search through successful women you will find that most if not all of they are single, or were married and got a divorce, or married with lots and lots of problems. Why is this?

Are men scared of being next to a successful woman (SW)? Or are they worried that if they stay married to an SW part of their agility and successfulness will transfer to women and they will lose it? Are they just plain nasty and hate to see their better half with a fat bank account? Is marriage based on need? Or on companionship? Will the man be happy if we extend our hands to ask for money from him? Or wait at home for him, wearing full makeup and in our best behaviour as his highness shows up at the end of the day? Is being successful a cause to go hunting for other women? Is that why Tiger Woods went with I dont know, 10 to 100 women? Was his wife secretly successful? Can we at all solve this issue?

In one of the movies of Meg Ryan ( I really like her, as she is the most genuine actress I have ever watched a movie for), she locks her husband in the bathroom, and tapes his mouth so he cannot talk, and tells him: ok I dont need you, but I want you and I love you! now this sentence appeals to me, I think all men who divorce their pretty but successful wives need to know that we marry for companionship and for friendship, and we need to talk to someone that we have a history with, if they understand this, then Sandra, and Cameron, and Rennet and Angelina and many others will stay married, and we will have a fantastic world.

Is this ever possible? I am dreaming? Or what do you think?

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