Monday 6 December 2010

40th anniversery of UAE national day

I am not sure how many of you were on the roads the night of the UAE national day? Well I had some errands to do and what I saw horrified me. Something like this only happens in uncivilsed areas of the world! Kids spraying the pedestrians, cars decorated including the glass all around the car, people dressed haphazardly and supposedly in flag colours? All of this is fine! But to obstruct traffic and have the poor police chase after the culprits and the innocent is not something we are all proud of.

So please everybody hear my suggestion and let's do this for next year: let's have a real carnival, we will call it the 40 great years of the UAE. We will build things around our cars, and have the national guard play music, have some real fireworks and show our cultural identity. Of course only those that pre register and have a built up car with a pre approved design can Join the carnival. Members of the public can watch, or participate by blowing wessels, dressing up in costumes or just be there to cheer their teams. We can sell memorablia and build cars that resemble our national icons such us Burj Alarab and Burj Khalifa etc.

I think the police should look after this carnival and I think we need to start from now to develop the idea. Many countries have carnivals, Spain, Brazil and argentine is amongst some of them

I can help in any way to stop the madness of the night of the 2nd of December.

Thank you

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