Thursday 5 January 2012

It's the fifth of Jan already?

You are going to ask me how I spent the past few days without sharing them with you. Well, the second day was the first day at work, I spent it in the office, having to make up for the undone work and meetings with the students, in the evening I had to visit a friend as she had some guests over; you see we live in a community that is made up of over 1000 houses, few of us know each other, we started as three families, now and after three years we are over 11 families, that know each other very well and care about each other, so when one of us have friends over, then the whole neighbourhood is invited, in actual fact we rarely invite outsiders to the community, and if it so happens that one of us have an outsider, then we all make jokes about them and insist that they either move in or leave us once and for all. This area is one of the best built development project if compared to all the others. I was telling a friend that I am sure that the person that designed the place is a woman, as whoever the architect was had not forgotten about the small details that everyone needs in a house and in a neighbourhood, so we have safe walking areas, large pavements, supermarket, mall, hotel, restaurants, bookshop, pharmacy, Optometrist, pet shop, vet, surgery, bakeries, picture developer, laundry, etc. At home you have storage areas under the stairs, cabenates in the bathrooms, two wash basins in the master bathrooms as well as a shower and a bath tub. We have an area outside the kitchen and an area that is in the front, the garage holds two cars with ample space, and a cat door. The room sizes is not tiny so you suffocate, noor too huge so you are alienated in your own space, the best though is the upstairs veranda. Basically whoever the architect was he or she must have learnt well from Frank Lloyd Wright!! Guess what, finally during one of the ladies gathering someone asked me where was I living and when I told her, and after complementing the place, she said that she was the mastermind of the Green Community. So you see, I am always correct, even if it takes me over three years to prove this fact.

Anyway, on Third the whole morning is spent in meetings, and the afternoon was spent filming for a TV programme about the Late Sheikh Zayed; he made a difference in my life on a personal level, without him and his signature I wouldn't have been able to open our office, I would have still been a bean counter working for an audit firm, or a company as an employee, earning mega bucks by checking past records, and creating future budgets and forecasts!! What a life it would have been!! Boring. Not sure when the programme is going to be ready, stay tuned.

Yesterday I woke up with pain all over my body, all these trips must have caused this pain; December was a hectic month, I spent it on the go and had no time at all on the ground, I went on 12 airplanes, and 30 car trips, so of course I will be tired, but no rest for the devil, the house keeper woke me up saying that my Omani guests who arrived late on Tuesday are having breakfast and one of the neighbours is already in the garden enjoying the furniture that my daughter and I had purchased from Dragon Mall, we also placed the order for the Men's gift that we will distribute in the wedding. By the time I went down the other neighbours had arrived, and by the time it was call for prayers they all left, so I prayed and went to work. We are at half the workforce as most of the team are on holiday. I went in the evening around the Serkal Avenue to show my brother the possibility of having his art displayed in one of the galleries, he was astounded to see the prices of the pieces on show in one of the Galleries. I think he is kicking himself for not investing time on his Art, by the way, we call him the Silvadore Dali of the Arab world (

I came home and made us my best hot chocolate recipe, and went to bed, but can I sleep?? No, hence this post. Hope you enjoy it. I will have a relaxing weekend, Still watch this space as you may find more interesting stuff written here that may inspire you to do what I do, as I think what I do is so important to my fellow students and to this small community.

Good night, Peter pan is on, and I cannot miss it.

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