Wednesday 19 February 2014

The glory of Thailand

These days visitors to Thailand enjoy the beaches, the scenery, shopping and food. They also enjoy the good rates of the hotels, and how inexpensive the country is.  I frequent Thailand as a stopover when I go to New Zealand, but haven’t actually gone there as a tourists, so the maximum I have seen is the hotel and shops. Once only we went touring around to see the gem factories, the rivers with the jumping fish, and the lovely statues of Buddha and so on. 

I like Thailand, and enjoy reading about its history, and its glories, their king also sounds great having been in ruling since the 1940s, of course the government goes in and out with changes from military to civil ruling and many problems and turmoil’s had affected that country that generates billions in tourism alone.  The Thai people had been like hay stalk in the face of the wind for many centuries and had always succeeded to live and flourish.  Of course there is poverty and people fight their government and try to remove it to a better one, but the recent problems in Thailand are somewhat strange! Why am I saying this?? Well read on

The first time I went to Thailand was in 1998, and to tell you the truth, I am the best in noticing things, details do not escape my eyes, and my instinct never fails me.  I noticed prostitutes, but didn’t see ladyboys.  That word was not in my dictionary, until I went to Thailand this time and was utterly astonished.  Of course my kids think that I am sheltered and na├»ve, I agree, I am stuck in universities and colleges, busy reading books and meeting students so things in the social arena do not come easily in front of my eyes, but once they do, I grab them by the neck (don’t want to say the other word of course).  So we were walking and I see these stunning tall girls with husky voices and I ask my daughter about the voice, so she tells me it’s a guy not a girl.  My head turns faster than a bullet to take a peep, of course I didn’t want the lad to be startled because I was looking at him. The severe surprise came about when I saw a congregation of the ladyboys around town.  Now that got me thinking!! 

Apart from being scary that boys want to turn into girls and actually endure the painful operations to install breast and what not, what is happening to the girls? Who is marrying them? Are we going to be having Thai kids? If the formula of number of ladies to the number of gentlemen is interrupted then the Thai people who survived centuries of glory may actually soon be extinct!!

The second thing that came to my mind is why is this happening? Is it because Thai men feel that they have been minusculed as they cannot run governments, they cannot do anything of essence to their country so they might as well turn into women? Not sure what the Thai women would think about their men becoming ladies? Or do Thai men think that women are better off so let’s be like them? Or did the world take so much advantage of the Thai men to the extent that we made them feel that they are equal to women?  

I am not trying to degrade the women here, I am a woman and nothing wrong with me, I never think of turning myself into a guy.  I do notice however that the percentage of men changing into women (not transvestites) is large, I guess it’s larger than women changing into men, why is that? But then this is not based on research it’s just formulated by my naked eyes and looking at pictures on Instagram and facebook etc. 

The other factor I noticed in Thailand is an increase in the number of beggars in the streets, children are being used by adults to beg from the tourists, and dirty old ladies dance to attract attention and beg, women sitting in corners of streets with their kids running around them to beg, Kids with dirty clothing and no slippers and guys with no legs thrown in the street with a bowl and people trip over them, and of course the sites are ugly.  Thailand is turning like India guys, we must do something about it. 

In my thinking, any country that has these symptoms can only mean one thing; its resources are going to the pockets of those in power instead of the people’s pockets.  I feel that governments should be careful, they will soon have no one in their country except beggars, prostitutes and ladyboys.

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