Saturday 31 May 2014

The Boy with the big tyer who gave me the finger!

One day I was driving in one of Bahrain roads to reach my appointment on time, minding my own business and listening to some classic music on Studio one channel, when few masked boys came out of nowhere with huge car wheels and plastic cans with some liquid inside them and stopped us all from riving on.  I started honking my horn extensively, hoping that they will let me through before they start what I envisaged they were going to do! I came out of my car begging them to let me go as I have an appointment, and before I knew it, they were pouring kerosene on the wheels and were about to light them up, I shouted, screamed, said that this is ridicules and that they are not respecting us as most of us are in a hurry.  Then one of the boys (the one with the largest wheel) gave me the finger.  I lost it at that time, and started to tell him off, demanded that I meet his parents and what not, by that time the fire was so high and the smell made me run to my car as my asthma flared up. 
I waited in the car for over an hour calling the police and explaining to them that they must come and put the fire off, no one came.  So I decided to think instead. 

First of all, if these boys think that I will elect them to become my future leaders, they are dreaming, as I will only elect people who respect others and will not delay us from getting to our appointments. Raising the middle finger shows some utter disrespect for us the elderly, and I hope that the parents will read this article to feel shame on how their children are treating the public.

Secondly, why are they not in school? And where is the principle and the teachers who should go to the homes and summon the children, and if they are not at school someone should be told off.
Thirdly, why don’t the kids follow a series of extracurricular activities? What is stopping the hundreds of societies registered in Bahrain from preparing programmes to teach etiquette to these kids? Or at least some manners?

Fourthly, why is the government keeping quiet about this? Shouldn’t we have some programme to have the youth busy all the time?

I think its our responsibility to bring awareness to the kids that these behaviors are in actual fact "haram".  They are wasting our time, damaging public property, damaging the environment, and on top of it all they are damaging our health.  We need to have a serious programme to train the children on important educational matters and take them out of the streets.

I have a programme in mind, for those interested please contact me.

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  1. I am confused…Boys just came into the street, stopped traffic, and set tires on fire? The purpose…they had nothing better to do? Really? That is bad.