Friday 14 November 2014

Why do the good stuff that we must eat tastes horrible?

Why do the good stuff that we must eat tastes horrible? I know, I did put this as the title, why am I repeating it here, because its true.  Every damn good thing for us tastes like medicine! olive oil, tastes bad, veggies, taste worse, bitter lemon, tastes horrible, coconut oil, tastes yucky, dark chocolate? tastes dark! spinach! ok, that doesn't taste as bad but you must acquire the taste first. Olives? lousy? celery? again, not that good, parsley and corriander? my my, so bitter and bad. 

Why is it like that, we love cakes, deserts, chocolates (but not the dark ones) anything sweet, including sugar, staying up late at night, watching too much television, we cannot have enough of all of these things, but tell us to go for a walk, and after ten minutes we wish to be back in our comfort zone, just curling up in our very comfortable chair and watching that screen.  We go to the movies and what do we have? popcorn, pepsi and maltesers, we go for a picnic, and we have donuts, cakes, cookies and fizzy dirnks, have you seen anyone taking cut veggiess in a picnic? I guess not.  Too difficult, and hard to stay fresh we would say.  Our body is telling us to eat badly as I am not immortal, and I want to die quickly, feed me with those bad stuff that tastes like heaven as I want to go to heaven quicker than those that climb mountains, exercise and eat healthy, those are going to hell, and will rot. 

What brought this about? I am sure you are wondering about this?.  I read few weeks ago that coconut oil is good for us as it lubricates the brain and protects us from Alzheimer  and because my dad died of this illness, and being so close to my dad, I think I may get it too, so when I read the medical research about this magical treatment, and that is not chemical and not harmful (apart from its horiible taste) I started to fry my eggs with it.  Then I thought that having eggs may make my Collestrol level jump to the roof, so I started to add it to my porridge in the morning.  I noticied that when the porridge is hot I do not feel the taste of the oil, however one day my porrdge was a bit warm, so I almost threw up, but I had to close my nose and breath after each spoonful of that thing (I dont know what to call it) and swollow it fast, but resisting the temptation to stop eating the porridge was too good to ignore.  I heated the plate in the microwave, putting the time one notch higher than normal so it burns, but guess what, it didnt burn, dammit. So I sulked and swollowed the rest with total humiliation.

I am dreading tomorrow, as I have to take that spoon of coconut again. May God help me.  

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  1. Every month there is something new we should eat/not eat….Just enjoy your food and forget (no pun intended) the coconut oil. Coconut oil is only a fad, it will pass.