Friday, 12 March 2010

friday and at home

It is normal for me to sleep late on fridays. But today I slept really late as I was enjoying my dreams.
You see my freind's husband died 10 months ago. His family abandoned her and his three kids' the factory he was running is confiscated by the bank and all the lenders want their money
She was a real housewife, no bank account, no money, she doent have any knowledge of today's needed technology for work and basically her disaster is multiplied ten folds.
I cannot bekeive that in today's day and age there are people that are still too dependant on their husbands or their fathers oblivious to the fact that life has so many unexpected happenings and one has
To be a good boy scout. This reminded me of my dad (god bless his soul) he brought us up in a way that we can live even if we were castaway on an uninhibeted island. He tought us to cook, make cloths, read, write, and most of all know our potential so as we do not become needy to any individual in this world
My dreams last night were revolving around this fact, I would love to be the person that teaches girls that they need to own the basic necessities to be able to lead their lives. Teach them that people may help but one can only savour ones success if that success came from ones own hard work and perseverence.
I am thankful to my father and thankful that I can live wherever I want and be able to have a home and any necessities covered. But how shall I start this?


  1. Wow what a peace Suaad. This should be published in the newspapers or a magazine and call it “Khawter” but write in English. Impressive and very thoughtful and to the point...
    I can relate too many of your thoughts and up bringing too...close scenarios.
    You are right what you learn in your youth will help you in your tuff days like your friends' story.
    I believe that what difficulties you face in life and how you face them by taking the right decisions where you have learned to research and know what are there of real choices available to you and you only need to seek them and do what is needed of yourself by being independent. But the opposite is also true if you have no self dependency practice and believe you can only wait for luck and others to cater to you and solve your issues and when they don’t then you set until something happens to your advantage...
    I am in the end also happy because as you know me independent person because of my dad giving me the responsibility since I was 6 years old...and at that time I thought what a heartless father he is, needless to know that he was preparing me for the world that I am in now, and if I was not prepared before I would have been in such deep troubles with this demanding life we live in these days...everyone for himself world...
    So All moms and Dads, teach your kids independency and how to fight for their lives even if it seems that you are being harsh on them at those times, they will thank you when they are older and mature for their happier way of lives if it wasn't for their mom and dad’s insisting teachings for independencies...
    What better way to feel good of your accomplishments by your own efforts not others on you…

  2. What you say is totally true Aunt Suaad. I believe that no one should depend on another and take things for granted because as you never know how life turns out! But I also believe that it depends on the person whether he/she is willing to learn and be independent. Did if ever occur to you that many people enjoy ignorance? and would rather have everything up front?
    Its funny because most married women tend to travel down that road at some point! But the wheels are turning its not too late! :D

    Back to studying for me :)



  3. Wallahy auntie, I am really enjoying your blog and I have only read three so far! This is exactly what I want to do. I am hoping to come to Dubai and give other women the knowledge and strength to be dependant and cast away any fears they have of facing the world alone. I think you know who gave me the reason to feel this way ;)