Sunday, 23 May 2010


it was a splendid day, my son and i went to the museum to check out the new educational activities created by one of my ex students. of course seeing her was great, and as i was telling my son this student was with me since she was doing her bachelor degree at Zayed university, then in New Zealand while she was completing her masters degree. what amazed me is the group of special needs kids that came to the museum to learn and practice, of course the enthusiasm of these kids made the day go so fast. anyway, my story here is about the visit to the bookshop at the museum. i saw a whole wall of books and auto biographies for Sheikh Sultan Alqasimi, in arabic, english and french and many other languages. but what cought my eyes are the plays scripts, so i asked the sales girl if these are also written by the sheikh, she said yes of course, she was surprised that i didnt know that he is a script writer and that one of his plays is on show in Egypt. i told her that i didnt know this, so she said that i must be ignorant! well maybe, but is this a way to critisize clients? i dont think so, maybe i didnt know becasue there isnt much publicity about his plays. we hear about all of the singers and films etc, but we never hear about a play by the sheikh. in actual fact i hadnt heard about his autobiography either, but i dint say anything as otherwise i will be double branded as ignorant.

we are ignorant in life, and no matter how much we read and learn there are new things to know aobut and read about every day. for example, did anyone know that there was a book sale at Dubai women college today? and that the proceeds was going to be sent to a school in Gaza? maybe you know, and maybe you dont, why? i am not sure, but by far you are not ignorant, as there must have been many things in your mind prevented you from learning about this fact.

lets celebrate ignorance as its the only way we try to learn more.

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  1. Interesting experience but not unique especially here in our countries, it happens a lot in different places regularly. You are not ignorant but the sales lady was because we are not made to know everything in life without asking or having the normal means to know as a general information and the way we learn is buy someone like the sales lady informing us in a nice way when asked to promote H.H. the sheik of all his writing and that is how you learn and how others could too or advertise like they do other things example singers and so...not make the question be making people feel stupid for asking anything

    About why me and perhaps others don’t know about important news like this museum is because events like that especially educational don’t get the same attention, they spend tons of money on things that does not matter and they still feel here in this country that advertizing is not needed to spend any money on,,,
    There is no clear plan for them like how many we are expecting to come to know and to come visit us for the event,,, one good place to advertise is on FB, radio stations and so on
    Every one is interested to get his project part done and get paid they don’t have a clear objectives to be set down and followed up by anyone for the results of such event project.

    This experience did help us all even though made you feel that way
    Thank you Suaad for sharing good points with us all,,,
    At least I got to know that we have a long way to change our general attitude about issues like that still,,,