Saturday 15 September 2012

Having a day to reflect each week

I have to do this even if I am in Dubai, I must take a day without the hassle and bustle of life, without the phones and just go somewhere to relax and find what is nagging in my small brain.  Last night I went for a couple of hours walk, refreshing even though it was very hot.  I watched the people sipping coffee in cafes, smoking sheesha, some playing cards or other games, some only talking, others having picnics on the promenade, some only holding hands and walking.  Some have their dogs with them, some with kids, others on their own, probably like me, I mean on a trip on their own.  The sellers on the streets selling hand made Jewelry, knickknacks, waiters luring people to visit their restaurants. Basically, life is going on! Who knows what tomorrow brings!  Then I set somewhere and see the messages and news on my phone, videos about the film that was produced about our Prophet and how everyone is saying that it is evil. My brothers and sisters on the group just praising each other and gifting each other words and picture gifts, or telling each other off or swearing at each other, I open the group of my own family and see that even though each one is far away but still so close, then I have other friends in Dubai who just formed a group and keep on sending nice videos (this will cost me a lot in roaming charges but I cannot resist opening them), some friends only send jokes so one cannot but smile.

This morning I decided to go for another walk on the promenade, it's Saturday so people are lazing about, the birds are watching the amateur fishermen catch their fish with the hope that one fish will go to their peaks! All the Cafes are open again on the 6 kilometre Promenade and almost all the seats are taken.  Of course here there is wifi in all the places so you are not stuck if you feel like writing something.

I finished my book yesterday on the flight, it has taken me forever to finish this one, so at last I can say that I read another book of Paulo Coelho, The winner stands alone, where he kills a lot of people just to get his wife back and at end he killed her too! Silly, but the amazing information about the fashion industry is a must read, if one of you want to borrow it please tell me, it's not mine anyway, I myself had borrowed it from a friend. 

I know now what I like to do on holidays. Walking, shopping but not expensive stuff, eating, drinking coffee, and preferably talking to some of the natives if I can get them to speak my language of course, some places it's just impossible to converse with people.  I noticed this in many countries, and always thought how on earth did we become bi or tri Lingual? Like for example in Thailand, Turkey and Slovakia, if I find someone that speaks English it would probably be a one in a hundred.  Of course they all can say the greetings and all, but to have a normal conversation? No it will not happen.  So learning another language for us is a must if we want to go to places.  What amazes me though is that business go on as usual, no one is hurt, things are sold, coffee is brought, water is served. So even though we cannot talk about our life, kids, weddings, jobs, etc, we can still have our needs answered be it by sign language, or saying few words in the other language.  

Ok, let me go and enjoy the scenery now, the place that I am sitting in is based in an old fish market which was refurbished and made into this magnificent shopping market.  When they were trying to dismantle it, the people prevented them as they said that the architect is the same person who built the Eiffel tower in Paris.  I tell you guys, it a well deserved place and certainly a must see in Izmir.

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