Thursday 20 September 2012

Massage or "Dalaleh"

To begin with I must explain what dalaleh means, its when you hold the arm of your baby and rub it softly back and forth to make him or her sleep, this trick was introduced to my daughters by a friend, and since then they always want a dalaleh, of course I am rough, so they try to lead my hands to achieve the same sensation of becoming sleepy and dozing off and most of the time I fail, I think I will only get the hang of it when my little grand daughter shows me her little face which I am going to squeeze I am sure!

Anyway, I love massages, and will always choose the type that is so deep just to get rid of the knots in my achy muscles; I tried many places and in every country I go to I must venture into a massage shop to just see if they can do the right thing and relieve me from those knots.  Once in Hong Kong I stumbled on a whole building that has massage houses. I did their reflexology, deep tissue massage, Shiatsu, Thai massage, Swedish massage etc, some of it was fine, but mostly I got hands stroking my skin to put me to sleep. My sister in law Shazoo is a brilliant Massage shops finders, I try her shops too but cannot believe that they are not the type that appeals to my muscles, so I am still on a massage shop hunt, and will let you know when one is found. 

So today my daughter wanted to treat me to a spa experience.  She booked the place, drove me there herself (I don't have a car that's why!!) and sat in the lobby waiting for me.  Of course the spa is in a hotel, and to reach the place one needs to walk for a long time, climb stairs and pass by swimming pools and gym equipment. The massage place was lovely, smells of lavender; they give you a whole folder to choose the type of massage you want, the places they need to concentrate on, and those they have to avoid, and then another piece of paper that ask you what type of tea you want to drink, and what type of music that you want to listen to? of course I couldn't recognize the various teas even though I am a tea person (in the evenings only) so just to be on the safe side I ticked Jasmine tea and ticked water for the music!! Lovely.

I was so thrilled about this experience, and was longing to those hands that is going to chew those muscles and straighten them up, did that happen? no and hell no, all I got is a dalaleh. Now I know why my daughters wanted those strokes, they felt sleepy after they continuosely been brushed with those soft hands.  Ok, I did go to sleep, but did my muscles feel those hard hands (or shall I say soft hands) and did the knots go? I don't think so! of course I will see more masseuses and will visit more massage parlors on the hope of finding the place that knows how to relieve those knots.

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