Monday 15 October 2012

Have you tried to sleep in the airport

My son was driving me to the airport and was trying to make conversation, I havent in my life felt so sleepy, so was yawning and yawning as if I had never gone to sleep in my whole life. I couldnt understand what he was saying excepts for snippets of the conversation for giving him money to do his visa work and for who is going to be the new PRO for the company, and that he should be the one. Anyway, we reached the airport, feeling sleepy as. I pulled a trolly, shoved the luggage on to it, and pushed it towards the check in counter. The woman took longer than usual this time, but still I yawned in her face, then went to the passport clearance, and yawned again in the officer's face, and while x raying my bag, I didnt know whether I had taken my metalic stuff off, then when the gate beeped I remembered them, so went back to put them in the tray, again they sent me back to remove my Ipad and laptop.  Don't know why I brought both of them when the trip is only 4 days.  Sometimes I do stupid things like this, and never think of a reason.

When I entered the lounge I asked the hostess this question: if I fall asleep, will anyone wake me up when they call for the flight? she of course said no, and that if I want to sleep, I must put my alarm on? how about that??? not sure if you know me well mate, the alarm wakes everyone up except me. So no point, and I must think of another way to relieve my sleepiness.

First, you should ask me why I take late night flights, when I know very well that I am not an owl, I cannot sleep late, and also cannot wake up early, shouldn't avoid both flights. However I say this to myself so often that sometimes I really feel that I have Alzheimer. I keep on booking flights in awkward times as I want to have full benefit of my day. For example, I will reach London at 7 in the morning, that means, I had benefited of my full day in Dubai, and will see a full day in London; however if I took an afternoon flight for example, I will lose the day completely. 

Second, I thought of having a strong cup of coffee, just noticed that the coffee in the lounge is not that great! it didn't taste as nice as the ones I had before

Third, I thought of writing this blog, just to drag myself out of my sleepiness and into a world of words that mean nothing. While doing this, I replied to my emails, tweeted a bit, and checked some education websites. Which means that when I try to save a day, a lot of hours are actually saved but most of them were spent towards work.

One day I will take a real holiday, and leave my phone, laptop, Ipad and every method of communication at home. The Holiday will bejust for reflection, eating and sightseeing see this for example

Good night everyone. sleep tight

having said all of this, i did something positive today, i visited a friend,


  1. The day you take a holiday without any communication is the day the earth stops moving .. Hahah jusk kidding

    You SHOULD do that sometime soon. Make it your 2012 delayed resolution and do it before the year ends

  2. its two month till the year ends Mahmood, how can i have a resolution this year, i wil make it a 2013 resolution