Thursday 11 July 2013

Now you know.

I had a real nightmare last night and I blame Egypt for it! I am serious, I blame egypt for every problem that we are having in the Arab world.  I blame Egypt for making us love the movies, love the theatre,  love the Fouol and the Kushari and for having such an inense history, with the Pharaohs  and what not.  I blame Egypt also for poetry, education, novels, for translating all the comic books that I read when I was a child, and for the first children books that I read that are similar to Sherlock Holmes, and so on.

My nightmare was not in that regards though, I was watching one of the soap opera that are shown in the month of Ramadan.  Let me first explain about Ramadan, we stay hungry the whole day and stash up the whole night, and during the hunger and the stashing up, we watch soap opera from different parts of the world but mostly from Egypt!! oh no, not again.  I for one don't like to watch the series as I don't like to be stuck to the TV everyday at the same time.

Ok,  so one of the ones I watched last night while having dinner at 2 in the morning, was about the olden days and the villagers in Egypt, and how they marry their little kids to older people and how these older peoeple first wrap their forefinger, and middle finger with white cloth, and stick them inside the child's vagina to open her virginity and that too in front of three older witches who held the infant so the older guy does what he was supposed to do;  he lingered longer and made the girl bleed to death.

I shouted at the kids for watching such savagery, and went to sleep.  Of course that is when all the nightmares started, I remembered the women who spoke on Boldtalk and their stories about the practices in africa, and how voodoo witches tell the men who are infected with aids that the only way they can cure their desease is by raping six months old kids! and of course the kids would die, and the men will continue to have their aids. Also how they mutelate women equipment to make them less attractive to men, and how men try out the girls in the hope that they will gain back their manhood, and many of such humiliating stories to our women kind.

When would all of these things are going to stop? wheen will womn and girls be empowered and trained as martial arts fighters to kick the backside of the assholes (excuse my french) to stop the invasion of their precious bodies.  I dont think these habits will stop if we do not constantly talk about them and enlighted the young minds of such shameful behaviours.

Is their a course at schools that teaches these habits? if there is one, then it must discuss the subject in such a disgusting way so no boy or girl will even think of it and if they did, then the nightmares will start.  I hope these will not be like my nightmare last night.


  1. It will stop when teach our children that women and men are equal and then we follow-up with our actions.


  2. Hello Velva, believe me even if we did that there are bound to be some that will create problems in our world. if you think about it, why do we have all this haterdism? its because of bad teachings.