Monday 27 January 2014

An empty mind is a devil's workshop

I love the person who said this proverb, I tried to trace it but couldn't, I am sure though that many of us had heard the expression and even imagined devil hammering, screwing or tightening the nuts and bolts, sometimes when my mind is vacant (although I hardly remember this happening) I myself imagine the devil playing and dancing inside my own head.

Well, the reason I am fascinated with this proverb is that we can actually relate to it and can attribute certain behaviors and attitudes of students and young adults to this saying.  For example we have a phenomenon in the Middle East of drug/alcohol use, I am not going to mention statistics and try to be very scientific about it, as its not my job and would rather leave that to the researchers or the governments; I depend on what I see with my own eyes or what my friends are facing with their own kids; the children are finding very attractive ways to"get high" as they call it, they buy over the counter medicine, mix them and swallow them in certain quantities to achieve the required results of getting high so the devil that is dancing in his or her brain relaxes and sleeps.

The second phenomena is sex, this is performed in school parties after consuming so much spiked alcohol and the various tablets that are bought over the counter.  Of course what happens after sex is not going to be mentioned over here but the devil would have had so much fun and the parents later on will have an extra burden on their hand, which is a daughter and a wee devil dancing on a cot.

These three phenomena are obviously a result of too much time and too much money in the hands of students given by guilt feelings of parents who both work and have no time to spend with their kids.  However we have a fourth and fifth phenomena, that is graffiti writing and Tyre burning.  If you are studying physics you will know that for every reaction there is a similar or more forceful reaction, so of course I am not going to mention this forceful reaction and will leave it to your imagination.  These kids started to burn tyres as an anti government protest three years ago, but this is still happening, so I am imagining two possibilities here, one, the kids loved the smell of the tyres and maybe became addicted to it like the drugs used by the rich kids. The other reason could be that they are just naughty and have too much time on their hands.  The graffiti and the calligraffiti writing is an indication of an artistic talent that need to be explored.

So now that we know that the problem is just a matter of  "too much time" then we have a lot of solutions to kill that time that is giving devil a fantastic workshop to play in:
1. Insist that all kids go to schools and no drop outs, neighborhood watch works very well here, as I saw it working in the west, so we can do that too

2. Take the money from the parents who are feeling guilty for leaving their kids and give both the kids and their money to me to help them spend their time in activities that will occupy all their vacant time

3. Close those pharmacies that sell the medicines freely

4. Every school should have an after school activities programme (sports and otherwise)

5. All school parties should happen under adult supervision

7. All parents should think and be responsible instead of spending their time in offices or cafes.

Thank you

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