Friday 23 November 2012

House arrest or mind arrest??

I always thought that kids are smarter than us the grown ups, in actual fact kids fascinates me, and if I want anything to resurrect it will be my childhood. Kids never give up, they never feel that what they want is not going to be obtained, they never think of the word failure, they are persistent!  they have attention to detail and they can feel trouble before it sometimes occur.  I was once looking at my dad (RIP) and felt that there is something wrong! I was merely five or six then, then what happened confirmed my feelings, we had a fire in the house, and all of Dad's stuff of his shop were damamged .  Now, even if a disaster happens in my house or at work, I will be oblivious to even realize this fact, why? because I am a grownup.

What brought this up? okay I admit, its another movie that I watched this morning, plus the fact that I hadnt written for a while due to many things happening to my life.  I have a grand daughter, and when I open my eys in the morning (except yesterday as I was so deppressed about something that happened with one of the universitiese that we represent) I see her beautiful face, and think oh my god, she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life; previously I listen to my friends who became grand parents going rara about their grand kids, and I think to myself, why are they behaving that way? they had kids themselves, and were happy about that, and we all got involved in child rearing and changing nappies, do we want to do that all over again? well, now I would say with absolute certainty that yes, I would do that again and again, in actual fact I want my middle daughter to get married so fast now and get us those little angels so we get involved with changing nappies, and I almost told my youngest daughter that she doesnt need to complete her masters and maybe its best if she comes back and gets married, but then I thought that was drastic, lets take things one at a time!

You know, I saw the look in my husbands face when he carried Anfal (that's her name by the way) I could see that he is a different man, yes a different man, who had accomplished his duty in life and is a grand father to a little Einstein, or a Little Alkhayam, or a little Picasso, or a little of all of those people put together.  Its alright if we didn't breed  the likes of Einsteins, Picassos, Alkhayams or Ibn Sinas, but their kids may will be those or better.  Maybe they will also be like or better than Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Justin Beiber,  Kim Kerdashien, or maybe presidents like Obama, Khalifa bin Zayed, Mohammed Bin Rashid or the likes (now these three are my favorites from all the presidents in the world).  Oh I digressed a lot

The movie, oh yes! two kids were upset as their parents are going to separate, so they decide to lock them up in the basement of the house; their other friends heard and soon there were three couples and a single mum in that basement.  The house at first was chaos, but then slowly things were fine with the kids upstairs, the dog and the snake, but the ones in the basement didnt budge! the kids fixed a camera and they started a therapy session with them, gave them kids food, and told them that they will only let them loose if they make up and settle the difference. 

Well, it worked, and so I wish that things are as easy as that, to begin with we don't have basements in our houses to lock up our parents, or for our kids to lock us up if we have misunderstanding, or we think of giving up on our lives and marriage.  I still remember when my husband and I had some issues, my son told me that if we ever split up, he will become a drug addict? this was alarming, so whatever happened in my life and with all the difficulties, I thought its this or having a drug addict? and I preferred the trouble in my life.  Of course all of that is water under the bridge by now, and I guess time tames every human being, all we need to do is persevere a little and see where life would take us.

Of course if its left to me, I would rather go back to my childhood and be be psychic to prevent the fire in our house.  Magic wand, abra ka dabra.

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