Monday 7 July 2014

When hiring employees, what skills are essential in a candidate?

It is always interesting to read the various studies on how to hire ones employees, it is a hard job, and requires intricate skills.  Hats off to those who work in HR.  

To me, an employee has to have deep knowledge in the field of study itself.  This is the most important of course, as one can bluff his or her way through the ladder but will be discovered at the end.  So the level of knowledge in own discipline is very important

Secondly, or as the research put it, the person has to have great communication skills.  Well, this is true too, but how many employees that I have encountered in my working life have this skill?

The employee has to have the ability to show initiative and has to considering the company is his or her own

The Employee has to have some general knowledge to engage in discussions when in meetings or committees.

The employee should have had some Internship or work experience and having a professional qualification (CIMA, ACCA, IMA, CPA, CFA and so on) is also very important

Work ethic (attitude, enthusiasm, punctuality, etc.) and team-based working skills are a focal points.

Understanding of fundamental concepts of mathematics and science, having critical thinking and problem solving skills and ccomputer skills are just few of the skills required when applying for a job.

Integrity, Respect for human values and perspective, Ability to understand human behavior and global cultural diversity are so important as we are working with other human beings and not robots. 

Last but not least we expect the employees to have an ability to appreciate artistic expressions from various perspectives, to understand how the other world works, know about football, advancements in technologies, new highways being established and new galleries that are opened and so on.  These last skills are so important as we gather at lunch breaks and want to talk about something that has nothing to do with work per se. 

Where is this fabulous employee?? I wonder

Where is the university or a college that teaches these skills? I wonder. 

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