Saturday 5 July 2014

Hot, cold and normal- What a graceful feeling

I turned fifty eight years ago, suddenly I felt hot, not a normal "hot", its that sweaty hot, sticky hot, horrible hot that makes one feel disgusted about life.  I took many showers that day as I thought I am coming down with a flu or something like that.  The next day more of these flushes continued on and off.  As usual, I ignored it completely, and went through life as if nothing is happening, but when these feelings got worst and sometimes while driving the steering wheel would slide off my sweaty hands and I could have had an accident, I thought I will visit a doctor.  She told me "welcome to the menopause club my dear".  The hot flushes are not the only signs of course, one would have thinning hair, tantrums and mood swings, lack of concentration and focus, dizziness at times, short of breath, aching bones and last but not least ability to read something and remember it vividly which is the only positive thing, I guess, from this extraordinary condition.

That was that until few weeks ago when I started to feel freezing cold that starts to run from my shoulders down.  I am carrying a shawl in my bag to cover myself, all of this happens when our country is supposedly in a summer season with temperatures going as high as 45 degrees centigrade.  The heat flushes almost disappeared unless of course one is having really hot tea or coffee, and it got replaced by longer periods of feeling too cold so I would go to the garden and wait in the heat for it to go away.

I wonder at times why are we not prepared for these things that are outside our control? for example when we know that we are getting the flu, we buy cold stop and treat it that way, when we have stomach ache we take herbal drinks or medications, when we have a headache, we take panadols! why can't we take a tablet and make the heat-cold sensation go away? where is all of that money that is pumped into medical professions? why do students pay so much money to study medicine and why isn't part of that money being kept aside for menopause research.  Where are those women doctors who became 50 and started their own menopausal syndrome, are they in denial? is it an age issue? are all women in the world still refusing to tell their real age and menopause is a first sign of aging so they hide the pains of it?

I see billions of dollars being pumped on AIDS, or facelifts and so on, why isn't there any money spent on developing appropriate medications for menopausal problems? who wants to live for I don't know how many years with problems that cannot be taken away? Doesn't women representing half the world? isn't this percentage worthy of some expenditure from those that are considered husbands, fathers, brothers, friends etc??

I wonder.

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  1. I have also joined the ranks of menopause….there is relief. There is no reason to experience all these menopausal symptoms. Speak to your doctor about hormone replacement therapy to replace the estrogen our bodies are producing less of causing these uncomfortable symptoms. It makes you feel so much better.