Wednesday 15 October 2014

And I was part of an unanimous study!!

Not sure if you know that I am a member of many great organizations like CIMA, ACPA, University of Auckland, NAFSA, EAIE to name a few and many others ,not trying to brag here, I am just saying that sometimes and without you knowing your profile is picked up in the secendary data for research projects.  Also, if you think about it, you had given all your information, likes and dislikes to all the social media that is around.  Facebook has all your friends and family, Twitter knows what you are thinking about, Pinterest knows what stuff you like in terms of art, cooking, education, buildings, architecture and fashion design.  Instagram has all the pictures that you took and displayed to the public, Linkedin has all your professional qualifications, and experiences.  So what is left of you that is unknown to others are those thoughts and dreams that you are not talking about and not displaying in public. 

Is this a good thing?  many ofm y friends and all my family are a bunch of conspiracy theorists, I am too but I keep that trait to myself, so we indulge in discussions that revolves around giving out our information and for free, and who is using that information and for what purpose? am I bothered? I don't think so, as I feel that whoever is bothered is actually a sleeping cell, the likes of ISIS and Alqaeda that suddenly had a lot of members who were regular human beings, and suddenly their brain switched to become one of the most devious human brain ever, that kills a person, cuts his head, takes a selfie of himself and posts it on social media??? ironic.

If you remember the movie "conspiracy theory" with Mel Gibson and Julia Robbert, I loved that movie,  he talked about something called gravy, where the CIA or FBI injects in the head of the people and make them assassins!  (this word is Arabic and refers to a group who are hired to kill others in the 16th century) and how at the end he managed to free himself from the group by faking his death.

Anyway, last night I was reading about the new university ranking that Linkedin had done on the basis of career outcome.  They used us the people who registered on Linkedin as secondary data, so they grouped the careers, and then linked it to the universities, and the faster the graduates got jobs, the better the university.  I like this way of ranking, as it is the core of what we do, give people a chance to find good jobs and quickly.  Of course in accounting and finance major, my name and photo was listed on the second row ! to begin with, I was so happy, yaay, my name is there. Then I thought, wait a minute, I didnt fill a survey, nor did I sign anything to approve of them using my name and picture? how did they do this? who allowed Linkedin to use my profile? 

Well I did, when I opened the account, I said that I agree with the terms and conditions, and one of those terms and condtions was to use our profile for any study they may do. 

So imagine this, if you want to make a study on how many people love cupcakes, all you need to do is ask Instagram to send you the list! if you want to know if starting a new cafe is still trendy, go to Pinetrest,  and if you want to know which country is the best holiday destination for your friends, go to facebook.  Its all legal as we all had ticked that box (if you agree with our terms and condtions click this box)

I am not complaining.

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