Sunday 12 February 2012

The Day After

I am sure you all know what I am talking about here, it's the day after the wedding! Yes the whole stress and shebang is over, and we re just savouring the aftermath and hoping that everybody had enjoyed the celebrations as much as I did. Of course it was almost 4 am when I finally fell asleep, I was so tired and had pains and aches all over my body, my feet were so achy to the extent that each point in it was pulsating as if I had gone on a 1000 kilometre run, my neck was also ringing and my ears! Well I couldn't hear anything for hours in fact till now I am not able to hear anything as the sound of music and drums was so high, in actual fact the whole thing was high; energy level, sound of people chattering, the singer, the clicking of glasses and the banging of heels on the smartly decorated floor. Well the planner did a marvellous job along with the clever bride, the black and white coated with crystals was a delight. The special logo on the entrance, the water bottle, the tissue papers, the giveaways and the bridal walk proved that the company my son and his bride had started is going to be a forever thing. I am just hoping that they will float it on the stock exchange and have many branches around him (kids).

To me I never thought that a wedding can be like establishing a business? These wedding planners is like a company that focuses on advertising a certain type of businesses. People should realise that a wedding planner is an event organiser, he or she can organise any event not necessarily a wedding? Or what say you?

Back to the wedding and sorry for digressing, as usual I cannot continue to write about the same subject without writing the other thoughts that come to my mind that relates to the same issue, blogging to me is like mind mapping! I am sure that all of you get thoughts in your mind while you are talking about something or thinking about something that is totally different to the thought that you are having, it's like when one goes to a funeral and suddenly thinks of a joke and start laughing! Now that of course is Hilarious. Anyway, the bride wanted to walk in along with the groom while all of us are seated. Of course, I never argue, whoever tells me anything, I say yaay, the Nay is the specialty of my daughter and my sister, they are the ones who always have something to nag about or add. So we all sat, realizing the reason of course, the hall is rectangular and very long, and the bride is a bit on the short side, if she walks the isle while we are standing, none of the guests will see her and her gorgeous gown, all the will see is my lovely boy with his Tux and Hermez vest! So she had a point. However, two of the close family guests insisted that they will walk in front of the the bride and groom, so they argued, that was outside the hall, lucky for us we can only see the bride and my son on the large screen, but the men, who were upstairs heard the argument. So my husband asked me who was fighting? I didn't know that there was a fight, so we are still trying to find out who was fighting. this whole could have been avoided if we were given a paper to tell us what is going to happen next and how it's going to happen.

Also the missing bit was the programme, as we need to know when is dinner. When are the men coming in to take the photographs, when is singer is leaving and when is the DJ starting. Also we needed to know when the bride side men are entering so we wear our scarves, and when our side are coming in so everyone plans their time. Luckily we didn't have lots of misunderstandings. I bet in other weddings these sort of things would have developed in misunderstanding. Now, when my daughter (who got engaged on the 7th of Feb) plans her wedding, we would cover all of these points. I personally don't like surprises. I want to know when I am going and when I am leaving and what's in between

By the way, I didn't sing, all the preparation that I did for the song, it didn't happen. Sorry Fairooz (, and Michael Bubble (, your songs were not sung, and that could be because I was silently upset about Witney, RIP.

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