Wednesday 8 February 2012

The girl with the dragon tattoo

Bought the books, didn't read them yet, as first it was borrowed by Nidha, and then Susan, and now that the movie is out, not sure if I will ever read it? I am one of those freaks who love to read the book first, then watch the screen in case the director made a mistake, or just tried to tantalise us to watch the movie with the usual intensity.   Merde, as the French would say.  

Anyway, why is rape such a favourite thing for men? What is it that makes them rape a girl? Or a boy for that matter? Did anyone ever study the guys who rape to find out why they do that? As I cannot believe that it's just because they feel the urge for sex? Do you think it could be that the victim looks vulnerable? And so the culprit gets aroused and he jumps to his prize? Or is it something that the girl/boy emit such as  hormone or smell like the one people emit when they are feeling philanthropic? I forgot the name of that hormone, I will google it and let you know what it is as there was a TED's video about it; anyway, to make a long story short, I think we need to take those that rape, bash them first on the head!! study them and try to eliminate the DNA that affects their brain and makes them attack their victims to rape and kill, or whatever? I have only met one girl who was raped, and after extensive therapy and medication she had recovered, got married and have now become an entrepreneur and with the help of her husband she had almost got over the incident. However, if you look deep in her eyes, you would notice a certain sadness that can only be detected if you have a sixth sense; and another thing is noticed too, if men are raped, they start to act like females, and if women are raped, they start to act like male. That is something that is worth a study too.

I would also like to talk about Coco Chanel's movie. Have you ever wondered Why producer sensationalise the lives of those that made it big in life? Why do we care how they lived or whether they had been prostitutes, or play girls but also artists (Freeda, Van Googh) or a fashionistas (Coco Chanel, Christian Dior)? Its as if the producers are saying that there is a strong correlation between the private life of an individual and the success factor? So if I have a normal private life (excuse me for calling my life normal) then my success factor will not be as high as those who live with men, alcohol, drugs and other activities that are intended for some and not all. So sex for example is always used as part of the success formula.  If a girl is poor, misused, thrashed, thrown here and there, she will be successful. Well this is what the producers are telling us, of course no one is still alive to tell us if Coco Chanel had actually lived such life? They had all long gone? So we cannot vouch for the truth or the untruth of that Movie.

What am trying to say here is that success in life has nothing to do with being in need, or being raped, or being a person who is used by men; I will not let my daughters believe this, and will try to defend normality in life as it could equate to success too.  No one had told us yet anything about JKR as she is successful because she was also taken as a geisha by someone rich and that is why she wrote her successful HP books? Or maybe the producers of 2112 will try to make up a story about her too just to brainwash those poor kids into believing that life will only be fantastic when we play around and go out of our way to ruin our health with the three factors mentioned above.

Well, you can call me a conspiracy theorist and joke about it, but don't you smell something odd here? I do.

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