Tuesday 14 February 2012

The day you get bumped all around?

Have you noticed that sometimes you wake up in the morning, and on your way to the shower you knock your elbow on the bathroom door, then the shower door hits your nose!  Then when you finish showering and pull the towel the hanger falls on your face, you walk out of the shower and your toe hits the praying mats box!  You go for breakfast and the butter nice cuts your finger? Then on the way to the car the coffee drops all over your cloth, you change and return to the car and knock your head while trying to set on the driving seat.  

Well, all of these things happen to me times and times again, I still have bruise marks on both my arms and knee from being knocked over by something or the other.  Why? Well if anyone knows please tell me.  

Having said all of this, I must also mention that both wrests are hurting me due to my idiocy in pushing my Mum's trolley when we visited Iraq a month ago, I think I pulled a ligament and left it to heal by itself as I cannot be bothered to see a Physio or a doctor? Why? Too much bother I guess.

Anyway let go to the positives, whilst at the wedding for my son, my wrest was wrapped with that ugly black wrest band! But, not a single remark was raised? Maybe I looked stunning to the extent that no one noticed? Or maybe no one wanted to comment on what age does to oldies like me? Or maybe they didn't want to hurt my feelings for having that on my wrest during my kid's wedding? Well no one can be safe, I guess age has something to do with it though, I don't remember being bumped when I was young? Okay, don't start again, I don't have Alzheimer yet.

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