Wednesday 22 February 2012

The girl with the dragon tattoo 2

Okay, I saw the movie, sorry guys, I went against my principles.  I must away though that if you remove all the sex scenes and the tongue and eyebrow rings, you will be left with an unfinished price of work. The tie up between the two detectives is not clear, the tattoo girl is a depressed person who should not be trusted in investigating  the agatha christie's murder mystery. The directors were confused too as they for sure wanted the thrill as its the only thing that sells these days.  Not their fault really, it's us the movie goers fault, we go to every trashy movie that they produce for us just for entrainment. I cannot believe that I got lured into watching this, I bet you that I will also buy the DVD, and will get my daughter to put the movie on my hard drive to watch it again sometimes. I should have listened to my little daughter who told me not to watch it as it will disturb me. She was correct, I had to go to the bathroom (Pepsi and popcorn gets to me you see) I hurried in and out, and locked the doors behind me, as I was imagining that hefty guy behind me and will kick the hell out of me too????? My my! 

Something like the movie P.S. I love you, I watched it so many times as the first time I did I didn't even shed a tear while my movie companions had the theatre filled with rain, Why? Because I was waiting for something to happen? But of course nothing happened, it was just another chick flick, and I am a real chick flick movie. 

Anyway, if you read the books it will for sure tell you whether You should continue to read or threw the worthless papers in the trash. But if you don't and decide to watch the movie, you are trapped, why? Wll, by the time you eat all the popcorn,  drink all the up sized Pepsi and finish the pack of Maltesers, half the movie is over, so you have to stay on. Plus you paid a hefty amount for the ticket, which there will be no refund. It's unlike buying a product and returning it for being faulty. 

But, nothing will stop me from watching The Titanic in 3d :)

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